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The Sharing Economy: Dictionary of Commonly Used Terms

Terms can become hard to define when they become too big. By too big, I do not mean in terms of impact or scale. It happens when the connections between a broad church of products, services and ideas becomes so loose and diluted that the umbrella term starts to lose meaning. The more inaccurately the…  Read more


The Collaborating ideas are not new in the Arab World. Throughout history, people practiced sharing and collaboration in their day-to-day lifestyle as part of culture and religious beliefs. People shared food, products and homes among many other things. They also invented a number of traditional Collaborative/Sharing initiatives which are still being adopted today. Jamee’h An…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview With Gaston Irigoyen from Guidecentral

Guidecentral is a global community platform that brings together makers and DIY enthusiasts. Its multicultural founder & CEO, Gaston Irigoyen, tells us how Guidecentral is helping people monestise their crafting passions and how the content is becoming multilingual with the help of crowdsourced translations from local community makers. Describe yourself and what fueled you to…  Read more

Lego Serious Play & Collaborative Economy

Sharecollab´s focus is to promote shareable cities in Colombia, and one of the business strategies is to spread collaborative economy knowledge through meetups and Ouishare events every month. Our next Meetup “Strategy in Real Time with Lego (TM) Serious Play (R)”, will be held jointly with Universidad de los Andes, aiming to build a shared vision of collaboration based economy….  Read more

French Food Marketplace ‘La Ruche Qui Dit’ in $9 million Series B Funding Round

French startup La Ruche qui dit oui (also known as The Food Assembly in the U.K.) – which enables consumers to buy directly from their local farmers and foodmakers – is undergoing a $9 million Series B funding round led by Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures and Frédéric Court from Felix Capital with XAnge…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Sean O’Riordan of GRID Finance

GRID Finance is an online platform transforming banking and financial services in Ireland by building innovative financial products for the connected generation. In this interview, co-founder and COO Sean O’Riordan explains how the company’s first p2p lending product for small businesses got started. The easiest way to describe GRID Finance is … GRID Finance is…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Eric Doriean of Mass Mosaic

Mass Mosaic is a website that helps people exchange anything with their friends, groups and peers. In this interview, co-founder Eric Doriean explains how the platform uses exchange to connect and distribute abundance through community. What inspired you to start Mass Mosaic? Mass Mosaic began 10 years ago when Rob Jameson (co-founder, CEO) read and…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer: An Inside Interview with GoCar Ireland’s Colm Brady

Colm Brady, Managing Director, has helped grow GoCar Ireland to a 75 vehicle, 3,000 member operation over the past two years. He tells us how providing great customer experiences and word-of-mouth referrals have powered this growth. The easiest way to explain GoCar is … GoCar is an on-demand, pay-by-the-hour vehicle rental service that offers a…  Read more

Hong Kong hosts its first ever Sharing Economy Hackathon!

Over the last two years, Hong Kong has experienced a large growth in the number of startups focusing on the sharing economy. Due to an increased awareness of environmental concerns in consumption waste, along with a shifting of values towards accepting used goods, barter based sites such as ‘Oh Yes it’s Free’, and ‘TradeDuck’ have gained…  Read more

Nielsen Study: Is sharing the new buying?

The Nielsen Global Survey of Share Communities, released May 2014, polled more than 30,000 Internet respondents in 60 countries to measure consumers’ appetite for participation in share communities around the world.   Download the report on SlideShare.