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We scour the internet to find the most interesting news on the collaborative consumption front. Here are our picks for the week: Uber Confirms New $1.2B Funding Round At $40B Valuation Ingird Lunden, TechCrunch Uber, the transportation and ride-sharing startup, has just announced that it has raised another $1.2 billion in funding, and we have…  Read more

Brazil Collaborative Consumption Country Guide

Brazil has just the right ingredients for collaborative consumption services: a strong entrepreneurial culture, a young population with high mobile internet usage, and a real thirst from its citizens to find alternative s to traditional systems that don’t work. Along with all this, there is a general mistrust for the traditional institutions that control the country, and…  Read more

Repost:10 Collaborative Economy Australian Startups

This profile is originally posted on the Pozible blog. Pozible is an Australia-based crowdfunding platform and community for creative projects and ideas. Discover the projects here.   You’ve no doubt heard about Airbnb and you’ve probably already caught a ride in an Uber but are these 10 local collaborative economy start-ups on your radar? These…  Read more

Collaborative Economy: A Transformative Lens, Not a Start-Up Trend

“What do you think are the myths around the collaborative economy?” is a question I rarely get asked. My hunch is that because my work is dedicated to championing the ideas, the assumption is I will always espouse its upsides and virtues. I believe, however, that in order for the space to progress, big questions…  Read more

Nielsen Study: Is sharing the new buying?

The Nielsen Global Survey of Share Communities, released May 2014, polled more than 30,000 Internet respondents in 60 countries to measure consumers’ appetite for participation in share communities around the world.   Download the report on SlideShare.

HAVAS Report: The New Consumer and the Sharing Economy

New research from HAVAS Worldwide describes a global population in search of a better way of living and consuming. View report here.  

The Sharing Economy: Where We Go From Here-Leo Burnett Study

This report compiled by Leo Burnett aims to uncover the unspoken realities of the American sharing economy. Download report on Slideshare.

Unlocking the sharing economy, An independent review

The Unlocking the Sharing Economy review led by Debbie Wosskow, chief executive of Love Home Swap, was commissioned in September by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.  

Peers relaunch: making the sharing economy work for the people who power it

Peers, a member-driven organisation to support the sharing economy movement, relaunched its website on the 12th of November. The website now focuses on supporting the people who work in the sharing economy by making new tools available on the website. It now has the following: income discovery tool to help people find work, a support…  Read more

The Sharing Bros-Video#5

This is part 5 of the Sharing Bros web-series: 6 small boats to cross the Caribbean Sea, hitchhiking across Colombia and a week of WOOFing working on an organic farm.