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EU Consumers Associations study on #collcons effects

Pioneering research on CC effects on consumers Four EU consumers associations – OCU (Spain), Altroconsumo (Italy), DECO-Proteste (Portugal) and Test-Achats/Test Aankoop (Belgium) – in collaboration with Cibersomosaguas Research Group (Universidad Complutense of Madrid) and Ouishare Spain, came together to undertake a pioneering research project on the collaborative consumption phenomenon from the point of view of…  Read more

Traity releases “Markets” an App for the Sharing Economy

Traity, the reputation standard startup from Madrid, has released “Markets”, a mobile directory of sharing economy services which helps people find opportunities for alternative income sources. Juan Cartagena, CEO at Traity, said: “We found that most people use sharing economy services as a new source of income, but many people simply do not even know…  Read more

Sharing España: the association of sharing economy startups in Spain

Earlier this week SharingEspaña was presented in Madrid. SharingEspaña is the association of sharing economy companies in Spain, originally founded by 26 members including international ones such as Airbnb and BlaBlaCar, and also local initiatives such as Chicfy or SocialCar. Platform technical providers like MangoPay (payments) and Traity (reputation) are also in the mix. Intial focus of the…  Read more

New Book: Vivir Mejor Con Menos

Albert Cañigueral, our global curator representing Spain and Latin America has a new book that promises a personal and lighthearted take on collaborative consumption for those who want to learn more about movement. In this interview, he answers a few questions about where he draws his inspiration from and shares with us his favourite excerpt…  Read more

Public Consultation on the “Sharing Economy” in Spain

One of the functions of the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) in Spain is advocating competition through the issuing of sector studies and reports. In the framework of this function the Council of the CNMC decided to conduct a study on the new models for service delivery facilitated by information technologies and Internet,…  Read more

The Catalan Competition Authority issues the study “P2P transactions and competition”

In the middle of a complicated scenario for Airbnb and Uber in Catalunya, the Catalan Competition Authority (ACCO) issued the study “P2P transactions and competition” (.pdf) The document is an approach to the technology innovation of marketplaces (websites or mobile applications) that turn out to be a meeting point between supply and demand, and which…  Read more

The Generalitat of Catalonia fine Airbnb with € 30,00

The Generalitat of Catalonia fined Airbnb with € 30,000. The penalty is because the Government has confirmed that the U.S. company intermediate between tourists and homeowners who have not been duly registered in the Registry of Tourism of Catalonia. The portal also offers rooms in private homes, which is prohibited by the Catalan legislation. Read full article on…  Read more

City Guide: Barcelona

Albert Cañigueral, our Global Curator based in Barcelona, shares with us a collaborative lifestyle guide for his city. Barcelona is quickly becoming a strong hub for collaborative consumption bringing it to the attention of mainstream media, regulators, business schools and government. Clothes Renova la teva roba is a yearly massive clothes swapping event organized by…  Read more

In Spain, National Federation of Bus Transportation denounces BlaBlaCar

Last week the National Federation of Bus Transportation(Fenebús) called for the closure of ridesharing company Blablacar.es website, indicating that its operations are seriously impacting the interests of passenger transport companies legally established. This is just the last of a series of collaborative consumption regulation related events that have taken place during Q1 2014 in Spain….  Read more

Spaniards could save up to 27.200M € by adopting collaborative consumption

According to a recently published study by carsharing company Avancar (Zipcar brand in Barcelona), Spaniards could save up to 27.200M € by adopting collaborative consumption. According to the study Madrid(81%) and Catalunya(79%) are the regions more prone to collaborative behaviors, with a large majority of respondents that have already rented or shared goods/services in the…  Read more