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3 reasons why peer-to-peer marketplaces fail (and how not to)

This is the first post from the series of 3 articles Juho Makkonen has written on the Sharetribe blog.   Peer-to-peer marketplaces can be great businesses. They combine the convenience of online stores with scale that comes from the notion that every consumer can also be a provider. This combination is so powerful that starting a new…  Read more

The rise of the ‘peer-to-business-to-peer’ marketplace

The concept of the peer-to-peer marketplace is well known since the rise of the internet and has become an important feature in any definition on the collaborative economy. However, lately in the Netherlands, we have had several discussions on how new models such as the model of ParkFlyRent, fit in the collaborative economy. This is…  Read more

Near Me Helps Brands Join the Sharing Economy

“Whether it’s testing a new vehicle by having potential customers rent them or using a services-based company to deliver goods from one place to another for optimal customer service, brands are creatively using this new type of customer engagement to build community, customer loyalty and reach new audiences. So, what have brands done so far?”…  Read more