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Pioneer Interview With Orla McCallion and Sean Judge of UniTuition

Orla McCallion and Sean Judge are the Co-founders and Managing Partners of UniTuition, an Irish-based leading online platform for connecting third level students with pre-screened specialist tutors. The easiest way to explain UniTuition is… UniTuition partners with 3rd level institutions to provide a centralised online marketplace for connecting students with screened peer tutors. Our tutors are…  Read more

Collaborative Economy Revenue Models

Collaborative Economy Revenue Models from Collaborative Lab Revenue Models: The following are the common models used to generate revenue in collaborative-based networks and marketplaces. Service fees: A company takes a percentage of the total transaction for successfully matching two sides of marketplace (e.g. hosts and guests, buyers and sellers, drivers and passengers). Flat membership/subscription: A…  Read more

The Sharing Economy: Dictionary of Commonly Used Terms

Terms can become hard to define when they become too big. By too big, I do not mean in terms of impact or scale. It happens when the connections between a broad church of products, services and ideas becomes so loose and diluted that the umbrella term starts to lose meaning. The more inaccurately the…  Read more

Lego Serious Play & Collaborative Economy

Sharecollab´s focus is to promote shareable cities in Colombia, and one of the business strategies is to spread collaborative economy knowledge through meetups and Ouishare events every month. Our next Meetup “Strategy in Real Time with Lego (TM) Serious Play (R)”, will be held jointly with Universidad de los Andes, aiming to build a shared vision of collaboration based economy….  Read more

CurrencyFair raises $10m in latest funding round

CurrencyFair, a Dublin-based global p2p currency exchange platform, recently raised $10 million in its latest funding round. Led by UK-based Octopus Investments, whose investments include Zoopla Property Group, Secret Escapes, SwiftKey, graze.com and YPlan, the funding round also included existing backer Frontline Ventures. Chief executive Brett Meyers said the funds will go towards launching a mobile app later…  Read more


We scour the internet to find the most interesting news on the collaborative consumption front. Here are our picks for the week: The future of the sharing economy: why we’ll all be doing odd-jobs Andrew Cave, The Telegraph Founder of TaskRabbit explains why the need for more flexible workspaces and lifestyles is leading people to…  Read more

Where does loyalty lie in the Collaborative Economy?

“How does it make you feel?” is a question I commonly ask when I meet hosts on Airbnb, drivers on Lyft or Taskrunners on Taskrabbit to try to understand the role this rising breed of companies in the collaborative economy play in people’s lives. What I have noticed is that I often don’t get a…  Read more


We scour the internet to find the most interesting news on the collaborative consumption front. Here are our picks for the week: Google Enters the Collaborative Economy in a Big Way Jeremiah Owyang, Huffington Post Google enters the market with a series of five market moves injecting the company as a central player for the…  Read more

City Guide: Dublin

Ranking consistently in a leading spot on Forbe’s ‘Best Countries for Business’ list since 2010, Ireland boasts a vibrant digital sector. Its capital city, Dublin, has become a major tech hub over the past decade – serving as the European base for many multinational IT companies (10 of the top 10 global ICT companies and…  Read more


It’s a sign that the collaborative (or sharing) economy has reached the next stage of its maturity, given the number of research studies that have been conducted through the past year aiming to get a clearer picture of who, how and why people are participating in different services and activities. To get a sense of…  Read more