Our Global Curator team helps us to share the latest in news, events and opportunities from their parts of the world, from Asia to South America to Europe to the Middle East and everywhere in between. If you are passionate about collaborative consumption and would like to learn more about being a global curator, email us


Lisa Fox, Australia

After listening to Rachel Botsman’s Sydney TEDx talk “The Case for Collaborative Consumption” and learning about the growing collaborative consumption movement overseas, Lisa was inspired to start Open Shed in 2011 with her partner, Duncan. Open Shed is a peer-to-peer rental and community connection platform. Lisa has also worked tirelessly to connect Australian collaborative consumption businesses and founders to encourage collaboration in the Australian industry. Lisa is most excited about collaborative consumption’s enormous potential to help reconnect our communities. Read more about Lisa here.

Mike Ngo Dee, Philippines
Mike is an entrepreneur who currently manages and operates Tripid Philippines, Inc., a start-up geared towards finding innovative ways to drive transportation efficiency around the city through collaborative consumption such as ridesharing! Mike founded Tripid after key leadership roles in several mobile and tech companies, including the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center (AJWCC)and Rocket Internet.


James Robertson, Singapore

James has been working as an Architectural Designer in Singapore since 2009. His search for a more community-based inclusive form of design research led him to participate in the OpenIDEO forum, enjoying success with ideas for project supporting health in the workplace, and the gamification of tool sharing, recycling and energy saving. Through learning more about CollCons and participating in spreading awareness, James hopes to help people learn to work for better, more fulfilling, connected lives, and in so doing move beyond the polarized politics of the day.

Mark Joaquin Ruiz, Phillipines

Mark is a social entrepreneur, techgeek, and innovator with soul; Aside from being Co-founder and President of social enterprise Hapinoy (link : www.hapinoy.com). After reading Rachel Botsman’s book “What’s Mine is Yours”, he got extremely excited about the potential of Collaborative Consumption to make the world a better place. He eventually got an opportunity to participate in this new movement when Mike Ngo Dee, Founder of Tripid (link : www.tripid.ph) – a start-up geared towards finding innovative ways to drive transportation efficiency around the city through collaborative consumption such as ridesharing – invited him to be part of the Board.

Darren Sharp, Australia

Darren has a background in social research and consulting having led a number of online engagement projects in the public and private sectors. Since 2012 Darren has been the Australian Editor of Shareable, the online magazine that tells the story of sharing. Darren worked as senior researcher with the Smart Services CRC where he investigated Internet futures, peer production and user-led innovation. A sharing economy evangelist, Darren is passionate about p2p systems, open government, the commons and sustainable cities. He is Managing Director of Social Surplus where he works with public sector clients on the development of workshops, research and community activation initiatives to grow sharing economy services in local communities.

Kimberley Cleland, New Zealand

Inspired by “What’s mine is yours”, Kimberley started thinking about the possibilities for living collaboratively. She believes strongly in redesigning systems for no waste, optimum resource use and community connection. She has a background in working with waste minimisation programmes and currently works on the Neighbours Day Aotearoa project, encouraging connections and sharing in neighbourhoods in Aotearoa, New Zealand. She is involved in her local community garden and uses AirBnB and bikeshare systems in her travels. She is really excited to see the growth of collaborative consumption models in New Zealand!

Seokwon (Ejang) Yang, South Korea

Seokwon (a.k.a ejang) is a Founder at CO-UP, an open working space where individuals and small companies can communicate freely and co-work. Seokwon is playing a role as major catalyst for the sharing economy in Korea, acting as a contact point for all startups in the space. After three years running the coworking space, he joined The Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs – a non-profit organization to help build the entrepreneurial ecosystem and support young entrepreneurs.

Eppie Lau, Hong Kong

Eppie first stumbled upon the notion of Sharing Economy at the Good Lab, Hong Kong’s first social innovation hub. As an idealistic United World College graduate, the concept immediately struck a chord, and from then on, she was hooked. In a world where consumption has become a form of bargain entertainment, Eppie is passionate about advocating for a reevaluation of our consumption culture.


Emily Castor, United States

After starting her career in the public sector, Emily discovered collaborative consumption by renting out her car through a peer-to-peer carsharing service in San Francisco. That experience opened her eyes to the vast potential of sharing platforms, and she soon became a superuser and leading evangelist of Silicon Valley’s collaborative consumption technology sector. In 2012, she created Collaborative Chats, a popular monthly event series for sharing economy thought leaders, before joining Lyft as founding Community Manager for the on-demand ridesharing app. She is passionate about building community through shared transportation as Lyft continues to grow in San Francisco and other markets. Read more about Emily here.

Arthur Felizzola, Brazil

In early 2010, Arthur was interested in new businesses and came across the Collaborative Consumption Groundswell YouTube video, which he instantly became passionate about. Exploring and disseminating that idea became his main objective and nowadays he and his team are developing a tool for mobile devices in order to create peer-to-peer marketplaces, among other things. Arthur feels that it’s a big challenge to develop products with the sharing economy mindset here in Brazil, but that’s what life is all about: overcoming difficulties – or at least trying hard.

Lucy Gao, Canada

Lucy has been passionate about collaborative consumption ever since she stumbled upon Rachel Botsman’s TED Talk as part of a class project in university. She organizes a collcons meetup in Toronto and teaches classes on the topic through Trade School Toronto. As a business school graduate, she is especially interested in disruptive business models that incorporate collaborative consumption concepts to redefine the way we live, connect and consume. Read more about Lucy here.

Marta Nowinska, Canada

Driven by her passion to empower others, Marta traded her banking job to pioneer the consumer barter movement in Canada. She is the President and Founder behind Swapsity.ca, Canada’s leading swapping site, and the organizer of Toronto’s largest live swap meets. Her successes in growing the swapping movement in Canada and Collaborative Consumption have been featured by over 90 media outlets. Marta is excited about creating a more positive future through Collaborative Consumption. Meet Marta here.

Melissa O’Young, United States
Melissa first became involved with collaborative consumption by doing her thesis on the topic, which then led to an advisory role with the UK Government. When moving to New York in 2012, she started Let’s Collaborate!, a thought-provoking event series developed to inspire and connect the collaborative consumption community in NYC. She is passionate about getting the wider community involved in the movement, and intellectually curious on how to get people to change behaviors to more sustainable ones. You can follow Melissa here

Chelsea Rustrum

Chelsea Rustrum is the co-author of It’s a Shareable Life, a practical guide to the sharing economy, as well as a consultant, speaker, connector, and practitioner in the space. She both lives and works in the sharing economy, with specific interests in how the sharing economy can evolve into being a part of every day life through housing and peer-to-peer platforms. She also founded several local event series, including the Sharers of SF and Hippie Hour as well as Startup Abroad, a live/work program for international entrepreneurs. She’s been quoted in TechCrunch, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, among others.

David Sucar, Argentina

David’s first experience with collaborative consumption was through “Couchsurfing”. Besides this, he began get involved and study it further, encouraged by Rachel Bostman´s TEDx talk. He recently created a blog with the purpose of spreading awareness in Argentina, and to establish a connection between entrepreneurs, institutions and media related to the field to create a local community. Nowadays, he spends most of his time working as a Digital Manager in a publicity agency and on different personal projects about the internet and mobile devices. He has a special interest in how collaborative consumption allows us to connect with each other in a useful way, to be part of communities worlwide and to share goods and services. Another interesting fact – David also has a career as a magician, that began when he was only 8 years old! Read more about David here.

Gustavo Palacios/Colombia

Gustavo was born an entrepreneur: www.webstra.net digital business solutions based on cloud computing are their more recent endeavours. He is Innovative, creative and passionate for marketing and new technologies, he is an expert in e-business and social networks trends. He was also responsible of creating new academic programs in the most prestigious Colombian universities. Restless and committed, He is always creating new ways of doing things and looking for generating a positive impact in his community. When he first saw Rachel Botsman’s TED Talk about Collaborative Consumption he felt inspired and immediately decided that he wanted to be part of this movement in order to contribute to build and consolidate it in Colombia and Latin America. Read more about Gustavo here.

Jesse Biroscak, United States

Jesse came to the Collaborative Economy by way of a career in international relations. Jesse is focused on helping local governments use Collaborative Economy services to activate their most underutilized assets – its citizens. Jesse founded a company to standardize trust and reputation systems in p2p marketplaces, worked at a p2p carsharing software company, co-founded BayShare.org, and currently works at AnyRoad.com. He enjoys combining civics and technology and loves his native San Francisco, surfing, and lacrosse.

Priti Ambani, United States

Priti Ambani is the Global Media Director at Crowdsourcing Week, a writer on social enterprises, start-ups and web 2.0 businesses and an evangelist for the collaborative economy. Previously, Priti grew Ecopreneurist, a nascent green business blog into a notable social business resource as site director and managing editor. Working from the ground up, she has developed successful business and communications strategies for impact organizations that aim to create social, environment and economic wealth.


Daniel Bartel, Germany

Daniel has always wanted to make the world a better place. He played an important role in building one of the first p2p-carsharing services in Germany, called Autonetzer. While working there he also he co-created the community blog and platform KoKonsum.org, which now represents OuiShare Germany. Daniel is very interested in Mobility, Design Thinking, Lean Entrepreneurship, and the transformation of new and old organizations towards a global, shared economy. More

Dalma Berkovics, Hungary

Dalma has been working as a consultant in the field of sustainable development and has been involved with several social businesses. Her first experience with collaborative consumption goes back to 2009 when she designed the idea of a sharing platform (Rent-a-glass) for the biggest international campus in Paris. In 2013, Dalma worked as the OuiShare Connector in Santiago de Chile organizing the first major event series dedicated to the collaborative economy in Latin America. Now she is back to Hungary, researching and consulting about how mainstream companies can adoat innovative strategies in response to new collaborative ways of consumption. Read more about Dalma here.

Albert Canigueral, Spain/Latin America

While Albert was living in Taiwan with limited Mandarin proficiency, he felt like being inmune to advertising, which made him realize that hyperconsumption doesn’t make any sense. He started to blog in Spanish about ConsumoColaborativo and joined OuiShare community to highlight the Spanish entrepreneurs in Spain and Latin America. He enjoys the challenge of bridging the collaborative economy with the mainstream economy. More

Stella Schieffer, Switzerland

Stella is a young entrepreneur with a passion to make our lifestyle, cities and infrastructure smarter and sustainable. She is the co-founder and president of the Swiss association for collaborative consumption, Sharecon, and the founder of BringBee, a startup in the field of crowdsourced deliveries.

Stella holds a degree from MIT and ETH Zurich in transportation planning and is a member of the Global Shapers Zurich of the World Economic Forum.

Arthur de Grave, France

Arthur first discovered collaborative consumption in 2011 when he was desperately looking for a flat to rent in New York two hours before departure, and Airbnb came to the rescue. It was his first step towards a new and fully collaborative lifestyle. He is now a member of the OuiShare community and a contributor to the French website conscollaborative.com. He is passionate about how collaborative models will be able to reshape current social systems and organizations for the better.

Raquel Félix, Portugal

Raquel was born in a small town in Portugal where everybody knows everybody and where a neighbor knocks at your door and gives you a dozen eggs because they have too many. Her roots therefore with the Collaborative Consumption movement, are a natural part of her character. As a psychologist, she believes in the power of relationships between people and that’s her motto. Raquel runs a Blog, a kind of a “speakers corner” about Portugal and she’s working on an online platform that will promote collaborative learning and mentoring. Raquel wants to stand up for the Collaborative Consumption movement and spead the word because she believes that it has an important role to play in the humanization of the institutional systems and the society.

Martina Francesca, Italy

When Martina first stumbled upon Collaborative Consumption ideas, she felt that they resonated with her and allowed for a (much-needed) shift in the values that underpin our society. Currently, she is a global contributor for the Collaborative Consumption Global Facebook page, where she posts news and updates from her country, Italy. Having discovered how inspiring a collaborative lifestyle can be, she is really excited about other people being inspired too.

Markus Heingärtner, Austria

Markus has always pursued a light way of living due to the fact that he moved a lot during his studies. He never owned a car and after beginning to rent out an apartment he bought with his wife, he started to like the idea of Collaborative Consumption. Once sitting in a Lisbon airbnb-apartment, he thought to himself – why don’t I start a website for renting out things that are stored inside the apartment? So he founded UseTwice and went online in January 2013. He is particularly interested how to simplify the user experience and finding or creating additional services that are essential for peer2peer platforms like insurance solutions, creating trust and new kinds of payment services. Read more about Markus here.

Katarzyna Gruszka, Austria

Being interested in various forms of sharing and collaborative consumption for a couple of years, Kasia is currently exploring the concept in her academic work at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. More specifically, she is looking at collaborative consumption through the lens of theories on transition to more sustainable consumption and production. While free from papers and articles, she is working on increasing the visibility of collaborative consumption in Vienna and bringing the concept to the local audience. Although based in Austria, she also follows the sharing scene in Poland, where she originally comes from.

Antonin Leonard, France

Being already a couchsurfer, carpooler, coworker, skillsharer and a member of various online and offline communities … Antonin is convinced that a more collaborative way of life produces deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships. Back in 2010, he created a blog about collaborative consumption, which helped spark the sharing movement in France. This blog adventure drove him all over the world, helped him connect with like-minded changemakers, and layed the foundation of OuiShare. Read more about Antonin here.

Francesca Pick, Germany

Francesca’s involvement in the collaborative consumption space started in 2012, when she wrote her bachelor thesis about trust in peer-to-peer marketplaces. After that she continued to work in the field as community manager of TrustCloud, while spreading awareness for the movement as a member of the global community OuiShare and contributor to the German blog KoKonsum.org. In addition to her interest in trust and online identity, she is passionate about the impact of collaborative consumption business models on environmental sustainability. Read more about Francesca here.

Natalya Tacheci, United Kingdom

Natalya came across Collaborative Consumption in 2011, when her arts organisation brought Rachel to present in regional Australia. After relocating to London and working with start-ups in the emerging market of consumer 3D printing, she was impressed at the relevance of collaborative consumption across so many industries. Natalya is interested in how the dynamics of collaborative consumption allows businesses to transform their value proposition, and how it can shape product and service design in the digital economy.

Marco Torregrossa, Belgium

Marco is a lobbyist, enthusiastic about social innovation and crowd-sourcing. He is the founder of Euro Freelancers, a collaborative network of EU affairs professionals and investors. As an expert of EU policies in sustainable production and consumption, Marco is active in the sharing economy movement from an environmental standpoint. He is trying to build bridges between the collaborative consumption and collaborative creation movements as a means to create skills, jobs, new forms of wealth and a resource efficient economy. Marco worked alongside large companies helping them to switch to distributed business models and embrace open innovation. He acted as platforms’ facilitator to empower consumer communities and adopt the collaborative economy model. More about Marco here.

Pieter van de Glind, The Netherlands

“Since I discovered Collaborative Consumption thanks to Rachel Botman’s TED talk, it took over all of my time. I completed my master thesis research on the consumer potential of Collaborative Consumption in August 2013 (see resources). I co-founded ShareNL, the Dutch platform for Collaborative Consumption. I also founded Tuintjedelen, a Dutch garden sharing platform. I aim to invest half of my time in gathering knowledge and experience, and the other half of my time in spreading knowledge and experience. Current projects I’m working on are Amsterdam Sharing City, a knowledge network and a business book.”

Harmen van Sprang, The Netherlands

harmen van sprang _ shareNLharmen van sprang _ shareNLharmen van sprang _ shareNL harmen van sprang _ shareNLHarmen is one of the founders of shareNL, the platform for the Dutch sharing economy, where his main focus is on the entrepreneurial side. Personally, it all started in 2010 with a home exchange with a family in Paris. This was his first experience with ‘collaborative consumption.’ Since then, Harmen was hooked and ‘sharing’ became part of his life. As he likes to sum it up: ‘Sharing is Social, Sustainable and Saving money’. Being so passionate about sharing, friends now even call him the ‘Share Man’. His mission with shareNL: shifting from a sharing economy to a sharing society.

Marta Mainieri, Italy

Marta Mainieri is the author of “Collaboriamo!”(Hoepli 2013), the first italian book on sharing economy. She is also the founder of Collaboriamo.org that promotes content and services for the collaborative economy. Curator of Sharitaly, the first event dedicated to the sharing economy in Italy, Marta Mainieri is currently a freelance journalist and a digital marketing consultant.

Elizabeth Douet, Ireland

A digital nomad communications consultant who has lived in six countries, Elizabeth became interested in the collaborative consumption movement for its power to connect communities across borders, languages, currencies and cultures. Presently living in Dublin, Elizabeth recently completed a Digital Marketing Masters at the UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School with a focus on how the sharing economy enables exchanges around the world.

Maria Zuzarte, Portugal

Passionate about disruptive innovation and business models that can have a significant impact on society, and after learning about cc trough RB’s book, Maria is now in the process of co-founding a platform that aims to spread a collaborative mindset in Portuguese society.

Rita Nascimento, Portugal

Rita’s main goal in life is to have a positive impact in the world. Her strong interest for innovative concepts and ideas led her to become a Global Curator for the Collaborative Consumption movement, which she stumbled upon for the first time in a workshop at GreenFest’13. Rita completed her Masters in Management last year, she was a member of AIESEC (an youth leadership development organization) for 4 years and she had her first work experience in the corporate sector on managing products related to personal development. Along with her co-founder Maria, she is currently working in a web platform to raise awareness on the collaborative mindset in Portugal.


Benjamin Shaw, South Africa

After attending talks and reading widely about developing world trends, Benjamin sought out an opportunity to be involved in the collaborative consumption space. Since 2011 he has been writing up trend observations for South Africa, and since 2012 Benjamin began to curate CollCons content. He is most excited about the imminent changes to business dynamics that CollCons will bring, and you can read more about him at www.benshaw.co.za.

Lauren Wallett, South Africa

Lauren Wallett owns the international marketing company, Malva and is the creator and writer of various blogs. She believes that what you do, reflects who you are and so is extremely enthusiastic about social media and the transparency it provides people with. She is passionate about Collaborative Consumption and believes that by South Africa embracing the concept, a sustainable future will be shared by all.

Brigid Prinsloo, South Africa

Brigid first got a taste for collaborative consumption when she stayed in an Airbnb apartment in London in 2013. Since then she has started to host guests in her own home using Airbnb and discovered that collaborative consumption combines economic incentive with a sense of community in a truly unique way. Brigid would love to explore the impact collaborative consumption could have on a developing economy such as South Africa and how the principles of collaborative consumption can be translated into solutions for underprivileged communities especially in Cape Town.

Tiffany Stelman, Israel

While being a part of an Israeli Entrepreneurship Program, called the Zell Program, Tiffany took a special interest in collaborative consumption and decided to co-founded a venture that places the sharing economy in its center. Tiffany is intrigued by the role of reputation within the collaborative consumption space and passionate about the strong community it creates.

Dan Benjamin, Israel

Dan has over 8 years experience as a software engineer & architect, specializing in telecommunications and Identity Management. Dan is currently the founder and CEO of eRated, a funded TechStars company specializing in building trust in online marketplaces through the use of a universal reputation system.

Ahmad Sufian Bayram, Syria

After learning about the growing benefits of collaborative consumption movement everywhere, Ahmad believed that this changes can happen in his region too and make it a better place. He chose to play an instrumental role to harness this movement in Arab countries, and has created a blog, Youtube channel in both English and Arabic about collaborative economy and joined the OuiShare community to spark the sharing movement in MENA. Ahmad is most excited about how collaborative consumption helps connect communities and maximize the overall benefit.

Our Global Curator Team is made up of volunteers who are passionate about building the collaborative consumption movement in their community, and are demonstrating leadership in doing so. Would you like to represent your country or region? Get in touch