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The global peer-to-peer marketplace, where anyone can buy and sell shoes with brands and one another directly. Beautifully curated and poised to be the answer when someone asks, “Where did you get your shoes?” Empowering small designers and vendors from all over the world. Anyone can have a shoe store!

Broads Abroad Travel Network

Broads Abroad is a female-only online membership based social network listing opportunities for members to stay free of charge with like-minded women around the world.


BrownCow combines ambitious entrepreneurs to the ex-head of the business.

Bureaux A Partager

Leader sur le marché français du partage de bureaux, BAP souhaite démocratiser une nouvelle forme de travail qui permet, au-delà de l’aspect financier, de dynamiser l’environnement professionnel. BAP s’inscrit dans une tendance de fond, celle de l’économie collaborative qui vise à optimiser l’utilisation des ressources existantes par le biais des nouvelles technologies


Butlr is a peer-to-peer marketplace for services. On Butlr you can ask for help for almost everything from everyday tasks to office matters. You can also set up your own Storefront and turn your interests, hobbies and talents into profit by listing them for sale on Butlr.


BuyMyWardrobe is an online marketplace for preowned designer fashion. The origins of the business are fashion recycling events held in upmarket locations around London. The online marketplace launched in 2012.


What is it? Fits in Mala The site is a collaborative delivery, which connects travelers with a little space in the suitcase for people who want products from other countries or states. It is in the suitcase you can order a product from anywhere in the world to be delivered in your city

Cahootsy Limited

Cahootsy is a marketplace where shoppers and merchants collaborate for mutual benefit, saving time and money. Share advice, shopping lists and ask for deals together, for less. Merchants crowd-source their marketing and in exchange can afford to provide in demand discounts.

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