Pioneer Interview with Twilio

This Pioneer interview was conducted with Manav Khurana, VP of Product Marketing at Twilio. Over the past decade, software developers reinvented almost all aspects of business. Yet as developers, the founders had run into the same problem at several different companies – communications was clunky, expensive and difficult to integrate. We wanted to help developers…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with HooYu

David Pope, co-founder of HooYu, and the team behind the technology have been working in identity since the early nineties, exiting from old identity business in 2012 when the company sold to Experian. When they got the band back together they knew they wanted to do something different in identity and HooYu is the direct result. They decided that identity verification technology…  Read more

Pioneer Interview With Accomable

Srin Madipalli is co-founder of Accomable, a service to help people with mobility difficulties find accessible hotels, vacation rentals and apartments around the world. Based in the U.K., Srin and the Accomable team successfully raised £300,000 in seed funding recently, a record amount for an accessibility platform. He spoke with Ireland-based curator Elizabeth Douet to share Accomable’s story and future plans. What…  Read more

Pioneer Interview With Helpling

Benedikt Franke is co-founder of Helpling, a global home cleaning platform headquartered in Berlin, Germany, that has had amazing growth and funding success since it was founded in early 2014. He shares Helpling’s journey with Ireland-based curator Elizabeth Douet. The easiest way to explain Helpling is … Helpling is Europe’s leading marketplace for home…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Barqo

Barqo is a person-to-person boatsharing platform from the Netherlands. It makes sailing accessible and more sustainable by connecting people who own boats with people who want to rent a boat. Floris van Hoogenhuyze shares his ideas and inspirations for starting Barqo with Dutch curator, Harmen van Sprang. What inspired you to start Barqo? Our world is filled with boats:…  Read more

Pioneer Interview With Orla McCallion and Sean Judge of UniTuition

Orla McCallion and Sean Judge are the Co-founders and Managing Partners of UniTuition, an Irish-based leading online platform for connecting third level students with pre-screened specialist tutors. The easiest way to explain UniTuition is… UniTuition partners with 3rd level institutions to provide a centralised online marketplace for connecting students with screened peer tutors. Our tutors are…  Read more

Planning on building a peer-to-peer marketplace? An interview with Juho Makkonen

Creating a peer-to-peer marketplace is one of today’s most popular startup ideas. The success of platforms like Airbnb, Etsy and Fiverr have proven that the online marketplace model is very scalable, and can be applied to pretty much any area of business. We are just at the beginning of the platform era and will see…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Giustina Mizzoni from CoderDojo

CoderDojo is a global movement of free p2p coding clubs for young people. Giustina Mizzoni, CoderDojo’s Development Lead, tells us how CoderDojo is about building learning communities while encouraging creativity and having fun. The easiest way to explain CoderDojo is … Giving kids and young people all over the world better access to the magic…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Robin Greenwood, Founder of Verni

Verni founder, Robin Greenwood, realised that there’s a treasure trove of art pieces locked away in artists’ studios and basements unseen by the public. Artists, talented as they are, need help making their presence known to prospective buyers. And that’s what Robin set out to do-create a location-based platform that allows artists to connect with…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview With Gaston Irigoyen from Guidecentral

Guidecentral is a global community platform that brings together makers and DIY enthusiasts. Its multicultural founder & CEO, Gaston Irigoyen, tells us how Guidecentral is helping people monestise their crafting passions and how the content is becoming multilingual with the help of crowdsourced translations from local community makers. Describe yourself and what fueled you to…  Read more