Mapping Failure

Studying failure is a recipe for success in the collaborative economy. Building two-sided collaborative marketplaces is hard – really hard. Companies in the space face a unique set of challenges, constraints and a complex web of relationships to navigate that in many ways represent a whole new era of doing business. Over the past five…  Read more


It’s a sign that the collaborative (or sharing) economy has reached the next stage of its maturity, given the number of research studies that have been conducted through the past year aiming to get a clearer picture of who, how and why people are participating in different services and activities. To get a sense of…  Read more

AskforTask: One-Stop Shop for everything on your to do list

AskforTask is a Toronto tech startup that provides a competitive, transparent online marketplace for on-the-spot projects and chores. Users can set their task requirements and how much they’re willing to pay, and offers will come in from taskers looking to do the task. Users can then choose who they want to assign the job to,…  Read more


We scour the internet to find the most interesting news on the collaborative consumption front. Here are our picks for the week: Uber Confirms New $1.2B Funding Round At $40B Valuation Ingird Lunden, TechCrunch Uber, the transportation and ride-sharing startup, has just announced that it has raised another $1.2 billion in funding, and we have…  Read more

Market News: Peers announces 2 new products

Peers, a member-driven organisation to support the sharing economy movement, launched two new products on December 4th: Homeshare Liability Insurance and Keep Driving. Homeshare Liability Insurance is a comprehensive personal liability insurance for homeshare hosts/owners. Hosts and home owners are insured for up to $1 million for personal injury or damage to property sustained by a homesharing guest/renter. Homesharing Liability Insurance…  Read more

Collaborative Economy: A Transformative Lens, Not a Start-Up Trend

“What do you think are the myths around the collaborative economy?” is a question I rarely get asked. My hunch is that because my work is dedicated to championing the ideas, the assumption is I will always espouse its upsides and virtues. I believe, however, that in order for the space to progress, big questions…  Read more

The Sharing Bros-Video#5

This is part 5 of the Sharing Bros web-series: 6 small boats to cross the Caribbean Sea, hitchhiking across Colombia and a week of WOOFing working on an organic farm.      

Crowdfunding now a permanent part of finance ecosystem, says Indiegogo founder

Crowdfunding is now a permanent fixture of the financial ecosystem because founders and investors see it as a vital risk mitigation system, said Danae Ringelmann, founder and chief development officer of Indiegogo. Today, Indiegogo ranks alongside Kickstarter as one of the chief means by which start-ups, activists, artists and non-government bodies attempt to crowdfund projects….  Read more

MakeSpace is Cloud Storage for Physical Things

MakeSpace is a New York City startup that’s transforming the self-storage industry. It allows users to store and access their stuff whenever they need it, without the inconveniences of visiting an actual storage facility. The company recently expanded their services nationally, vs. only operating in New York City previously. Here’s how it works: Users request boxes to be delivered to them….  Read more

A great challenge that is also an opportunity of development for collaborative consumption in Colombia

Every day in Colombia we can find new projects, contests and events oriented towards supporting new IT based endeavors. November 5th is the deadline for presenting business ideas aiming to solve real life problems and to contribute to improve extreme poverty conditions in our country. It is not only a contest, it´s a world wide…  Read more