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The Sharing Economy: Dictionary of Commonly Used Terms

Terms can become hard to define when they become too big. By too big, I do not mean in terms of impact or scale. It happens when the connections between a broad church of products, services and ideas becomes so loose and diluted that the umbrella term starts to lose meaning. The more inaccurately the…  Read more

The rise of the ‘peer-to-business-to-peer’ marketplace

The concept of the peer-to-peer marketplace is well known since the rise of the internet and has become an important feature in any definition on the collaborative economy. However, lately in the Netherlands, we have had several discussions on how new models such as the model of ParkFlyRent, fit in the collaborative economy. This is…  Read more

5 Start-ups changing the sharing economy in Hong Kong

The sharing economy has experienced a global increase over the past few years. Things that were previously unheard of as being shared, ranging from cars to even errands, have now become common place as millennials embrace new ways of accessing and sharing through technology. In a society as digitally connected as Hong Kong – where…  Read more

Where does loyalty lie in the Collaborative Economy?

“How does it make you feel?” is a question I commonly ask when I meet hosts on Airbnb, drivers on Lyft or Taskrunners on Taskrabbit to try to understand the role this rising breed of companies in the collaborative economy play in people’s lives. What I have noticed is that I often don’t get a…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer: An Inside Interview with GoCar Ireland’s Colm Brady

Colm Brady, Managing Director, has helped grow GoCar Ireland to a 75 vehicle, 3,000 member operation over the past two years. He tells us how providing great customer experiences and word-of-mouth referrals have powered this growth. The easiest way to explain GoCar is … GoCar is an on-demand, pay-by-the-hour vehicle rental service that offers a…  Read more

Mapping Failure

Studying failure is a recipe for success in the collaborative economy. Building two-sided collaborative marketplaces is hard – really hard. Companies in the space face a unique set of challenges, constraints and a complex web of relationships to navigate that in many ways represent a whole new era of doing business. Over the past five…  Read more

Brazil Collaborative Consumption Country Guide

Brazil has just the right ingredients for collaborative consumption services: a strong entrepreneurial culture, a young population with high mobile internet usage, and a real thirst from its citizens to find alternative s to traditional systems that don’t work. Along with all this, there is a general mistrust for the traditional institutions that control the country, and…  Read more

Collaborative Economy: A Transformative Lens, Not a Start-Up Trend

“What do you think are the myths around the collaborative economy?” is a question I rarely get asked. My hunch is that because my work is dedicated to championing the ideas, the assumption is I will always espouse its upsides and virtues. I believe, however, that in order for the space to progress, big questions…  Read more

Peers relaunch: making the sharing economy work for the people who power it

Peers, a member-driven organisation to support the sharing economy movement, relaunched its website on the 12th of November. The website now focuses on supporting the people who work in the sharing economy by making new tools available on the website. It now has the following: income discovery tool to help people find work, a support…  Read more