16 June 2016

Pioneer Interview With Accomable

Srin Madipalli is co-founder of Accomable, a service to help people with mobility difficulties find accessible hotels, vacation rentals and apartments around the world. Based in… Read more…

18 April 2016

Pioneer Interview With Helpling

Benedikt Franke is co-founder of Helpling, a global home cleaning platform headquartered in Berlin, Germany, that has had amazing growth and funding success since it… Read more…


by Elizabeth Douet Global Curator Team, Ireland

9 March 2016

EU Consumers Associations study on #collcons effects

Pioneering research on CC effects on consumers Four EU consumers associations – OCU (Spain), Altroconsumo (Italy), DECO-Proteste (Portugal) and Test-Achats/Test Aankoop (Belgium) – in collaboration… Read more…

12 February 2016

Pioneer Interview with Barqo

Barqo is a person-to-person boatsharing platform from the Netherlands. It makes sailing accessible and more sustainable by connecting people who own boats with people who want… Read more…


by Harmen van Sprang Global Curator Team, The Netherlands

15 January 2016

3 reasons why peer-to-peer marketplaces fail (and how not to)

This is the first post from the series of 3 articles Juho Makkonen has written on the Sharetribe blog.   Peer-to-peer marketplaces can be great businesses. They… Read more…


by Mia de Villa Collaborative Consumption Team

11 December 2015

Pioneer Interview With Orla McCallion and Sean Judge of UniTuition

Orla McCallion and Sean Judge are the Co-founders and Managing Partners of UniTuition, an Irish-based leading online platform for connecting third level students with pre-screened specialist… Read more…

7 December 2015

Planning on building a peer-to-peer marketplace? An interview with Juho Makkonen

Creating a peer-to-peer marketplace is one of today’s most popular startup ideas. The success of platforms like Airbnb, Etsy and Fiverr have proven that the… Read more…

12 November 2015

Collaborative Economy Revenue Models

Collaborative Economy Revenue Models from Collaborative Lab Revenue Models: The following are the common models used to generate revenue in collaborative-based networks and marketplaces. Service… Read more…


by Mia de Villa Collaborative Consumption Team

The Sharing Economy: Dictionary of Commonly Used Terms

Terms can become hard to define when they become too big. By too big, I do not mean in terms of impact or scale. It… Read more…

23 September 2015


The Collaborating ideas are not new in the Arab World. Throughout history, people practiced sharing and collaboration in their day-to-day lifestyle as part of culture… Read more…


by Ahmad Sufian Bayram Global Curator Team, Syria