What's Mine is Yours:
The Rise of Collaborative Consumption
About the Authors

Rachel Botsman

Rachel has facilitated businesses around the world on the intersection between brand, innovation and sustainability. As a former Director of Kids and
Marketing for the William J. Clinton Foundation, she spearheaded major public-private partnerships with the American Heart Association, Nickelodeon, Rachael Ray and the National Basketball Association. She is currently the head of strategy for OZOlab (www.ozolab.com)

Rachel has worked as a teaching assistant at Harvard Kennedy School of Government
and acted as an editorial advisor on the book “Creativity, Inc,” published by Harvard Business School Press in 2003.

Rachel completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Oxford (1999) and her post-graduate studies at Harvard University (2001).

Roo Rogers

Roo is the co-founding partner of OZOlab and the former CEO of OZOcar.
Prior to OZO, he co-founded UNITY TV, a start-up funded by the UN and the BBC; founded Drive Thru Pictures and Films – a company committed to communicating social issues to youth audiences; and started we:nited magazine, a publication that explores and celebrates youth politics.

Roo has a BA from Columbia College (1997) and a Masters in Economic Development from University College London (2001).