A new economic model has arrived. Named by TIME as one of the “10 Ideas That Will Change the World”, collaborative consumption describes the shift in consumer values from ownership to access. Together, entire communities and cities around the world are using network technologies to do more with less by renting, lending, swapping, bartering, gifting and sharing products on a scale never before possible. From Airbnb to Zipcar to Taskrabbit, collaborative consumption is transforming business, consumerism and the way we live for a more fulfilling and sustainable quality of life.

Learn more about how collaborative consumption is changing the world via TED and the book What’s Mine is Yours.


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Starting with when Rachel Botsman co-authored What’s Mine Is Yours, we’ve spent the past years passionately building a shared understanding of the enormous social, economic and environmental potential of collaborative consumption. We’ve been to every continent (except Antarctica, though penguins have potential) to work with, learn from, and create a global network for entrepreneurs, businesses and governments.