We scour the internet to find the most interesting news on the collaborative consumption front. Here are our picks for the week:

Google Enters the Collaborative Economy in a Big Way

Jeremiah Owyang, Huffington Post

Google enters the market with a series of five market moves injecting the company as a central player for the collaborative economy.

Why Airbnb shouldn’t be stopped

Nick Trend, The Telegraph

Currently, home owners face a fine of up to £20,000 if they don’t have a council permit when they rent out rooms through peer-to-peer websites such as Airbnb and Gumtree as short-term accommodation. The new rules will remove that restriction (though they will introduce a 90-day limit on how many days a property can be let without planning permission).

The Future Of The Sharing Economy Depends On Trust

Stephen Ufford, Forbes

Sharing saves people time, money and aggravation. But what really greases the wheels of this fast-growing economy is trust; it’s what allows someone to take a ride from a stranger or rent a room in a house from someone they’ve never met. Yet it’s also one of the biggest concerns of using sharing economy services.

Cohealo Named to Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2015


Cohealo Inc., the leader in medical asset mobilization and analytics, was recognized on Fast Company’s 2015 50Most Innovative Companies list. The company was highlighted amongst ten dynamic healthcare companies for its success in bringing the Uber and Airbnb-like sharing economy to healthcare.

Will Uber and Lyft make your job obsolete?

Rebecca Smith, CNN Money

In San Francisco, one federal district judge speculated that the ride-sharing company Uber may have to treat its drivers as employees rather than independent contractors. In another courtroom in the same city, a different judge, hearing a lawsuit brought by drivers for Uber’s rival, Lyft, opined that U.S. employment laws actually may not cover the drivers as employees.

LEGO subscription service Pley attracts $10 mln

LEGO subscription service Pley has raised $10 million in Series B funding. Sozo Ventures led the round with participation from previous backers Floodgate, Correlation Ventures, Maven Ventures and Allegro Venture Partners. Concurrent with the funding, Phil Wickham, managing director at Sozo Ventures, has been added to Pley¹s board of directors.

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  1. Collaborative consumption, maybe (when rinetng out your car). Sharing economy, I don’t think so. Working for hire (as a taxi driver or a temp worker, or errand runner) isn’t sharing, neither is rinetng out your car why can’t people just call a spade a spade anymore?

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