In Spain, National Federation of Bus Transportation denounces BlaBlaCar

Last week the National Federation of Bus Transportation(Fenebús) called for the closure of ridesharing company website, indicating that its operations are seriously impacting the interests of passenger transport companies legally established.

This is just the last of a series of collaborative consumption regulation related events that have taken place during Q1 2014 in Spain. Mid February the “Asociación Empresarial Hotelera de Madrid” criticized Airbnb, Windu and Alterkeys activities and early March the government issued a draft proposal to regulate crowdfunding activities (specially equity crowdfunding and P2P/P2B lending) without any previous consultation with the industry actors.

Because of that some articles are starting to report about a “total war against collaborative consumption” or that “The Inquisition comes to collaborative economy”

It will certainly be a very interesting year for collaborative consumption in Spain. In order to help bridge different views I briefly identified what I consider the 7 keys to take into account regarding collaborative consumption regulation


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