Día del Emprendedor – learn to build a startup

As in previous years, in one of the cultural centers of Buenos Aires, more than 5000 entrepreneurs gathered for the fifth edition of Día del Emprendedor.
I heard many times about this day and its significance, but I have never had the chance to experience it before.
And it was from a very special place: as a collaborative consumption curator.
I would like to share with you my experience that day.
The particularity of this year was the theme. As has happened in other global events, for example at LeWeb in London, “The Creative Economy” was chosen to bring together a large group of enthusiasts of this new worldwide model.
Between 9AM to 8PM, at different venues, over 55 activities took place, such as talks on future innovation and new business and financing models (crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, peer2peer) among many others.
There were workshops on how to sell online, about innovative ideas, teamwork, tips for new entrepreneurs, as well as advice from successful experts and a special focus on networking activities. 80 local and international speakers provided a strong support for the event.
And “OuiShare” was there as well, through its team in Buenos Aires: Gonzalo Martínez Luchinetti, Laura Cerioni, Désirée Maillard-Salins and I (as local OS connector), to give a presentation of the sharing economy as “the future of the world economy” introducing the main concepts alongside succesful local startup Afluenta, a collaborative financing network where people can apply for, or fund other people’s loans.
I could see a lot of enthusiasm in each of the spaces for this new concept of economy and consumption, which grows each day and draws the attention of more and more people who as they learn more, do not hesitate to join!
As expected, the “collaboration” was present throughout the event: even when signing up for it. All attendees had to bring a donation as “ticket fee”, so there were collected 9,000 garments, over 500 school supplies and 1,500 kilos of food for the NGO “Quiero Ayudar”, which provides support to low-income families.
It was an unforgettable experience, from start to finish. To provide a place for entrepreneurs to learn and share will allow the world to change for the better, and will make more and more people seek the common good every day.


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