Amsterdam: Europe’s first Shareable City?

Amsterdam logo gifThis week the Dutch platform for Collaborative Consumption, shareNL, has started its mission: To make Amsterdam Europe’s first Shareable City.

All pre-conditions are being fulfilled. The Netherlands (and Amsterdam in particular) have a thriving collaborative economy. There are numerous start-ups that are growing rapidly and some are even crossing into neighbouring countries. Investment is slowly arriving as well (for instance this week, skill sharing platform Konnektid has received €250.000,- in private funding). Mainstream industry and large institutional bodies are becoming aware the collaborative economy. Research has demonstrated that despite the rapid growth over the last two years, there still is a significant consumer potential. With a still increasing media attention, this potential will be tapped into in the coming years.

Within the government of Amsterdam there has been significant progress towards the collaborative economy. The city is informative on car sharing options available and in some parts of Amsterdam, car sharing is actively promoted. The city has taken ‘problem causing’ AirBnB with an open attitude declaring that: A phenomenon like holiday rentals fits a city that values freedom of choice and connecting to the rest of the world. It also makes better use of the housing stock, can be a touristic economic stimulus, and apparently fills a need of today’s tourists. Because of this, apartments are not empty during absence and the city’s tourist offering is more diverse. It also fits the strong development of social media and the tourist preferences to “live like a local.” (Amsterdam, 2013). AirBnB and Amsterdam have been in constant dialogue. So far, this resulted in reasonable policies that satisfy both parties and all stakeholders involved.

It is an exciting development and shareNL is becoming a node in the fast growing collaborative environment. Confident by the support of the Collaborative Lab as well as the enormous ongoing momentum, shareNL has concluded that the time has come for a Shareable Amsterdam. The goal is to have Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan sign a resolution similar to the one signed by the US Conference of Mayors.

During October shareNL had a number of preliminary talks with the Economic Board of Amsterdam. Last week shareNL gave two presentations about Collaborative Consumption and the potential of a Shareable Amsterdam in front of policy makers. Over the next weeks several of those policy makers will be invited in order to engage them further to the sharing economy. With the above in mind and city elections coming up in 2014, shareNL is confident to achieve its mission.

If you are willing to contribute to the mission of shareNL, please contact the Collaborative Lab and / or [email protected]

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  7. Awesome post. Just got back, def one of my favorite cities. Used to find a bike and for housing. Going to try some tour guide services next time.

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