Seoul Shares Administrative Documents with Public, Even in Process


Since the declaration of Sharing City, Seoul has been one of the pioneers on city-driven sharing movement. The current mayor Won-Soon Park, whose background is from non-profit social sector, is very much eager to realize transparency and citizen engagement through sharing resources of the city.
Seoul recently launched a website called the Information Communication Agora(정보소통광장). On this website, citizens can view almost every administrative document and worksheet within Seoul city government (except ones containing personal information and confidential materials). What’s most remarkable is the the system behind the website. That is, when the civil servants create documents for confirmation, they send them to their seniors, the Information Communication Agora automatically brings this process to the public on the site. The General public can access to these documents and worksheets, even those still being processed.
Seoul city is expecting this will increase the transparency of the city dramatically, and become the foundation of active participation of citizens on civic betterment.

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