Collaborative Consumption Helps to Alleviate BART Workers’ Strike

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 2.38.14 PMSF72, San Francisco’s collaborative consumption-based disaster preparedness plan, is already being tested just weeks after launch. Employees of the Bay Area Rapid Transit have initiated a strike against unfair wages, shutting down the public transportation system just prior the July 4th holiday. Ride-sharing service Sidecar published a blogpost offering alternative commute options, and short-term office space rental company LiquidSpace is offering discounts for workers that can’t make it to their office. Early results show that these types of services have seen a 40% increase in usage during the strike.

These results are promising for citywide partnerships such as SF72, indicating the long-term benefits of collaborative consumption, not just to consumers, but also to cities and governments. Other major US cities are expected to adopt similar disaster preparedness initiatives in the future.

Get the full scoop on Huffington Post.

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