What is Collaborative Lab?
Collaborative Lab helps businesses and governments worldwide to understand and harness the power and potential of collaborative consumption through strategic advisory services.

As the leaders of the collaborative consumption space, our work is informed by the world’s largest collection of market research, data, examples, visual graphics and real-world learning from entrepreneurs in the collaborative consumption space. We work together with and bring insight from a network of leading global experts – from behavioural economists to urban planners to digital technology specialists.  We partner with the best designers and developers to bring ideas to life.

Our clients are diverse. We collaborate with established companies, startup entrepreneurs, local and national governments, universities, policy-makers, and public figures whose values align with our own.

Interested in working together? Send us a note: hello@thecollaborativelab.com.

What do we do?
Collaborative Lab combines a powerful blend of deep subject matter expertise with smart and creative thinking to deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients. Our approach and deliverables are tailored to meet specific client needs, and we work in both project and retainer capacities.

Advisory Services
Our expertise covers a range of areas related to collaborative consumption, including:

  • Developing new products, services and business models
  • Identifying market/growth opportunities, “whitespaces,” and customer needs and conducting sector-specific market analysis
  • Evaluating investment opportunities
  • Developing the right impact metrics (and communicating the results)
  • Advising governments and businesses on pertinent policy and regulatory issues
  • Creating brands and communications that build community loyalty and establish market leadership
  • Strategizing solutions for platform improvements including payments, reputation systems and digital identity tools
  • Assisting company leaders with presentations and speeches

Our recent work includes:

  • Designing visual infographics and creating marketing materials to be included in the assets for a large international corporation’s social innovation strategy
  • Developing a comprehensive market research report including key verticals, market sizes, growth trends and key players for a major insurance brand
  • Advising national and local-level governments on policy and regulatory options regarding best practices and public/private sector collaboration
  • Assisting the CEO of a leading global company develop content for a high-profile presentation
  • Planning, advising and participating in an international multi-sector summit about collaborative consumption business models and new venture opportunities


Workshops and Masterclasses
We design and facilitate innovation and strategy workshops and masterclasses that enable organizations and individuals to understand the power and potential of collaborative consumption.

Workshops and masterclasses are customized for group size and length and can be held on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with a course or event/conference. We frequently collaborate with events focused on sustainability, innovation, technology, design, branding or specific sectors such as financial services, agriculture, transportation, etc.

Sample workshops include:

  • Collaborative Consumption 101: Introduces key ideas, opportunities and challenges in 3-hour presentation and master class format
  • Ideate/Collaborate: Kick-starts strategic thinking and ideation of  possibilities for new products, services and business models
  • Collaborative City of the Future: Assesses the potential for collaborative consumption to improve the way people live, work and consume, and examines execution through public-private partnerships, policies and planning
  • “A Week in the Shared Life”:  Simulates user experiences across different sectors to understand the integration of collaborative consumption into daily life and the magnitude of economic and environmental benefits
  • Law & Collaborative Consumption: Covers the practical effects of specific collaborative consumption models via transactions, agreements, and policies