Carrot México

Carpool and car sharing service.


ADsList is a general classifieds website where users can post ads or any kind of things that they do not need in a specific category for the purpose of selling or exchanging. Registered users have the ability to delete, edit, activate/deactive, renew ads and also making the ads premium so they will show in the…  Read more


Neeboz brings the remarkable skills and resources of a neighbourhood together. The platform assists local bartering; allowing Neebozers to earn UCreate credits to get what they need in return for offering their skills, the not-so-obvious things they can do and by lending out or trading their belongings. Join meet friendly locals, boost the household budget,…  Read more


Zilyo is the world’s top vacation rental search site with currently over 2 million listings in more than 50,000 destinations around the globe. We return results for short term rentals ranging from apartments, houses, cottages, villas, castles, and even igloos, from all over the world.


Ridingo is an app and website for carpooling. It helps people find cars or riders based on the route and timing. To ensure safety, it verifies every members and allowed only working professional from known organisations are given membership. As a form of payment for car owners / riders, it has an online rewards system….  Read more

rideIT Carpool

rideIT is an inter-company carpool matching service exclusively for working professionals.


Tripda is a carpooling platform that connects drivers travelling or commuting with empty seats in their cars and passengers heading the same way. Founded in Brazil in 2014 by entrepreneurs passionate about sharing economy and backed by Rocket Internet, the company is already operating in 10 countries, helping thousands of people to travel more, spending…  Read more


WunderCar is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and recently
entered the Dublin, Ireland market (first market outside Germany).
WunderCar is a novel approach to urban mobility. Made to fit your needs. Jump in and share the lift!