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In Spain, National Federation of Bus Transportation denounces BlaBlaCar

Last week the National Federation of Bus Transportation(Fenebús) called for the closure of ridesharing company website, indicating that its operations are seriously impacting the interests of passenger transport companies legally established. This is just the last of a series of collaborative consumption regulation related events that have taken place during Q1 2014 in Spain….  Read more

Día del Emprendedor – learn to build a startup

As in previous years, in one of the cultural centers of Buenos Aires, more than 5000 entrepreneurs gathered for the fifth edition of Día del Emprendedor. I heard many times about this day and its significance, but I have never had the chance to experience it before. And it was from a very special place: as…  Read more

Amsterdam: Europe’s first Shareable City?

This week the Dutch platform for Collaborative Consumption, shareNL, has started its mission: To make Amsterdam Europe’s first Shareable City. All pre-conditions are being fulfilled. The Netherlands (and Amsterdam in particular) have a thriving collaborative economy. There are numerous start-ups that are growing rapidly and some are even crossing into neighbouring countries. Investment is slowly…  Read more

Seoul Shares Administrative Documents with Public, Even in Process

Since the declaration of Sharing City, Seoul has been one of the pioneers on city-driven sharing movement. The current mayor Won-Soon Park, whose background is from non-profit social sector, is very much eager to realize transparency and citizen engagement through sharing resources of the city. Seoul recently launched a website called the Information Communication Agora(정보소통광장)….  Read more

Lauren Anderson on Sunrise: Rent Out Your Life

Collaborative Consumption Chief Knowledge Officer, Lauren Anderson, explained how collaborative consumers are “renting out their lives” on Australian Breakfast Program Sunrise earlier this morning! Watch the full segment below:

Have You Taken the PEERS Pledge?

Today marks the launch of Peers, a grassroots movement to grow, mainstream and protect the sharing economy. Peers focuses on users of collaborative consumption startups and services, aiming to unite collaborative people and help push forward the sharing economy. Rachel Botsman, founder of Collaborative Lab and Collaborative Consumption, will serve on the board of the new…  Read more

Collaborative Consumption Helps to Alleviate BART Workers’ Strike

SF72, San Francisco’s collaborative consumption-based disaster preparedness plan, is already being tested just weeks after launch. Employees of the Bay Area Rapid Transit have initiated a strike against unfair wages, shutting down the public transportation system just prior the July 4th holiday. Ride-sharing service Sidecar published a blogpost offering alternative commute options, and short-term office…  Read more

Communauto Launches Electric Carsharing Pilot

Carsharing service Communauto has launched a pilot fleet of 100% electric vehicles in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, a borough of Montreal. The program aims to analyze the viability of electric carsharing, and if successful, will lead to greater numbers of electric vehicles in Communauto’s fleet. Communauto’s pilot not only works toward greater sustainability for carsharing programs, but also socializes…  Read more

LA Issues Cease and Desist to Uber, Sidecar, Lyft

The ridesharing regulatory debate has flared again—this time in Los Angeles with a cease and desist letter sent to Uber, Sidecar, and Lyft yesterday. The debate questions whether these services are in fact livery businesses (which require a license) or are simply digital marketplaces facilitating connections between drivers and riders. While this isn’t the first…  Read more