Pioneer Interview with Marianella Watman of Popup Brands

Popup Brands is a marketplace for short-term rentals for commercial spaces ranging from retail spaces to building foyers to event stalls. In this interview, founder Marianella Watman explains how the platform allows small business owners to open shop. 1. What made you interested in starting Popup Brands? Prior to forming Popup Brands I was working…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Sean O’Riordan of GRID Finance

GRID Finance is an online platform transforming banking and financial services in Ireland by building innovative financial products for the connected generation.  In this interview, co-founder and COO Sean O’Riordan explains how the company’s first p2p lending product for small businesses got started. The easiest way to describe GRID Finance is … GRID Finance is…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Eric Doriean of Mass Mosaic

Mass Mosaic is a website that helps people exchange anything with their friends, groups and peers. In this interview, co-founder Eric Doriean explains how the platform uses exchange to connect and distribute abundance through community. What inspired you to start Mass Mosaic? Mass Mosaic began 10 years ago when Rob Jameson (co-founder, CEO) read and…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Lester, Co-founder of PandaBed

Lester Kang is the co-founder of  PandaBed (with James Chua) a home sharing marketplace platform that focuses on the Asian region. In this interview Lester shares with Diane Jung, our curator for Asia how PandaBed convinces the culturally conservative Asian market to share its homes. How did you come up with the name PandaBed? The name PandaBed…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer: An Inside Interview with GoCar Ireland’s Colm Brady

Colm Brady, Managing Director, has helped grow GoCar Ireland to a 75 vehicle, 3,000 member operation over the past two years. He tells us how providing great customer experiences and word-of-mouth referrals have powered this growth.  The easiest way to explain GoCar is … GoCar is an on-demand, pay-by-the-hour vehicle rental service that offers a…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer: An Inside Interview with Gee-Hwan Chuang, Co-founder of Listia

Gee-Hwan Chuang worked on a number of web and networking companies prior to creating Listia. He enjoys solving hard problems and secretly dreams of one day becoming a pro bass angler. In the meantime, he’s trying to earn as many Listia credits as he can in the hopes that someone will list a fishing boat. Speaking…  Read more


Maarten de Jong, the Managing Director for Oneplanetcrowd, a crowdfunding  platform for social or sustainable projects shares his company’s story. 1. What inspired you to start Oneplanetcrowd? Oneplanetcrowd was founded by StartGreen, a venture capital firm for sustainable (technological) innovations, managed by Coenraad de Vries and Laura Rooseboom. They saw crowdfunding was becoming increasingly popular…  Read more

Pioneer Interview: Bruce Good from OurHood

OurHood is a private social network for neighbourhoods. As a digital platform OurHood aims to promote safer and better connected neighbourhoods, by linking the digital and physical worlds. It provides a platform for residents to engage across multiple devices. Our South African curator, Lauren Wallett, met with the creator: Bruce Good. Where did the idea…  Read more

Pioneer Interview: Iseult Ward from FoodCloud is a community-based social enterprise start-up in Dublin, Ireland, that brings food businesses and charities together, matching those with too much food with those who have too little. Since 2013, FoodCloud has been able to shift an equivalent of 325,000 meals (148 tonnes) of destined food waste to community charities. Co-founder Iseult Ward (left…  Read more


Vandebron is a startup based out of  The Netherlands that enables people to buy their power directly from a sustainable producer. The company sees itself playing an important role in the transition to an autonomous energy supply. In this interview, Aart tells us more about the company and what he envisions for it in the…  Read more