Collaborative Pioneer Interview with SweepSouth Founders, Aisha Pandor and Alen Ribic

Aisha Pandor and Alen Ribic are the co-founders of SweepSouth – an online platform for connecting homeowners with excellent, reliable, experienced domestic cleaning professionals – basically Uber for cleaning professionals. We bumped into them at the recent Start-Up South Africa event where they walked away as winners in the Get Up Start-up competition with an…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Andy Taylor, Founder of Yatango

Andy is the co-founder of Yatango,  a collaborative consumption technology platform based in Australia.He is also the co-founder of p2p money lending platform, SocietyOne. In this interview, he talks about Yatango, a platform that allows users to build their on mobile plans and allows them to change it on a month to month basis to…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Will Davies, Founder of Car Next Door

Will Davies is the founder of Car Next Door, a peer-to-peer car sharing service based in Australia. In this interview, Will talks about what fueled him to start the company and also shares some of the speed bumps the company faces in order to grow in Australia. 1. Describe Car Next Door to someone who hasn’t…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Brett Meyers, co-founder of CurrencyFair

Brett Meyers is CEO & Co-Founder of the online p2p currency exchange platform CurrencyFair. Started five years ago, CurrencyFair has raised €5m in funding and currently serves more than 50,000 clients across 20 currencies. Can you describe CurrencyFair and how it began? CurrencyFair grew out of our own needs, as expats living in Ireland, to transfer money internationally between…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Megan Mulrooney, Business Development Manager at ValueMyStuff

Megan Mulrooney is the Business Development Manager at the London, U.K. based online valuations platform ValueMyStuff. Benefiting from high profile start-up exposure on Dragon’s Den in 2010, the platform recently started offering extended customer services. Accepting only 200,000 GBP funding to date, Megan (pictured with platform founder Patrick van der Vorst) tells us how ValueMyStuff…  Read more


Mike Dolan is the co-founder of Igobono, a fun and safe way to trade and donate objects and services. In this interview, Mike tells us his vision for Igobono and his goal to empower individuals and organizations to be economically in control. Taylor Kuhn interviewed Mike to find out more about he and his co-founder Max Volskys’ new…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview Kate Luckins of The Clothing Exchange

Kate Luckins is the founder of The Clothing Exchange, a company that allows people to swap clothes online on its website or during the series of swapping events they host across Australia. In this interview Kate brings us all back to the day The Clothing Exchange began and where she sees the company going next….  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Gloria Molins founder of Trip4Real

Gloria Molins is the founder of Trip4real, a travel experience platform. The year and a half old startup has had a colourful start–recently raising €1 million funding, calling Ferran Adria as one of its investing “godfathers”, and raising  funds through IndieGoGo to go to San Francisco to meet with Airbnb, Pinterest, Twitter and Dropbox. In this interview,…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Ari Kestin of Nimber

Ari Kestin is the CEO and founder of p2p delivery service, Nimber (formerly known as Easybring). The platform is a marketplace for matching delivery needs  with spare capacity. In July 2014, it launched globally  to open its market beyond Norway. It now has 22, 303 people on its platform from almost 70 countries. What inspired you to start…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Mark Slaughter, Co-founder and CEO of Cohealo

Mark Slaughter is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cohealo, an asset mobilization and analytics platform for the healthcare industry. The company  helps  US hospitals use their non-emergency medical equipment more efficiently and save money on their future equipment purchases. 1.  The US Healthcare system is renowned for being a complicated beast, as an entrepreneur what made…  Read more