Mike Dolan is the co-founder of Igobono, a fun and safe way to trade and donate objects and services. In this interview, Mike tells us his vision for Igobono and his goal to empower individuals and organizations to be economically in control. Taylor Kuhn interviewed Mike to find out more about he and his co-founder Max Volskys’ new…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview Kate Luckins of The Clothing Exchange

Kate Luckins is the founder of The Clothing Exchange, a company that allows people to swap clothes online on its website or during the series of swapping events they host across Australia. In this interview Kate brings us all back to the day The Clothing Exchange began and where she sees the company going next….  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Gloria Molins founder of Trip4Real

Gloria Molins is the founder of Trip4real, a travel experience platform. The year and a half old startup has had a colourful start–recently raising €1 million funding, calling Ferran Adria as one of its investing “godfathers”, and raising  funds through IndieGoGo to go to San Francisco to meet with Airbnb, Pinterest, Twitter and Dropbox. In this interview,…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Ari Kestin of Nimber

Ari Kestin is the CEO and founder of p2p delivery service, Nimber (formerly known as Easybring). The platform is a marketplace for matching delivery needs  with spare capacity. In July 2014, it launched globally  to open its market beyond Norway. It now has 22, 303 people on its platform from almost 70 countries. What inspired you to start…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Mark Slaughter, Co-founder and CEO of Cohealo

Mark Slaughter is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cohealo, an asset mobilization and analytics platform for the healthcare industry. The company  helps  US hospitals use their non-emergency medical equipment more efficiently and save money on their future equipment purchases. 1.  The US Healthcare system is renowned for being a complicated beast, as an entrepreneur what made…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer: Interview with Mark Horoszowski, co-founder of MovingWorlds

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder of MovingWorlds, a global experteering platform. In this interview, Mark reveals how he got started with the platform and what it means to be a MovingWorlds experteer. Describe MovingWorlds to someone who hasn’t used it before The MovingWorlds matching site and support team helps people find the best place around…  Read more


South African based TheRoomlink is a platform that matches renters with available rooms. Founder, Liezl Hesketh shares her view on why this is the solution for so many students, commuting professionals and people looking for short term rentals. Why did you decide to start TheRoomLink now?  We found that there were many students in South…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Ed Kushins of HomeExchange

Ed Kushins is the founder of   HomeExchange, one of the best known and oldest  companies in the collaborative economy. He shares with us what keeps HomeExchange competitive in the space. 1. is one of the oldest companies in the Collaborative Economy – how has the company maintained its strong reputation despite growing competition…  Read more

Inside Interview with Giovanni Casinelli of BonAppetour

Giovanni Casinelli is the founder of BonAppetour, an online platform for social dining. He shares with James Robertson, our Singapore curator, memorable dinners, inspirations for starting the company and the difference of growing the platform in Asia and Europe in this Pioneer Interview. 1. How did you first come up with the idea for BonAppetour?…  Read more


James Moody is the founder of TuShare, an online sharing platform in Australia.He talks all things TuShare and the gift economy with Darren Sharp. What motivated you to start TuShare? It was both a personal passion and direct evidence that motivated me to start TuShare. In 2010 I wrote a book about the next wave…  Read more