Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Giustina Mizzoni from CoderDojo

CoderDojo is a global movement of free p2p coding clubs for young people. Giustina Mizzoni, CoderDojo’s Development Lead, tells us how CoderDojo is about building learning communities while encouraging creativity and having fun. The easiest way to explain CoderDojo is … Giving kids and young people all over the world better access to the magic…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Robin Greenwood, Founder of Verni

Verni founder, Robin Greenwood, realised that there’s a treasure trove of art pieces locked away in artists’ studios and basements unseen by the public. Artists, talented as they are, need help making their presence known to prospective buyers.  And that’s what Robin set out to do–create a location-based platform that allows artists to connect with…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview With Gaston Irigoyen from Guidecentral

Guidecentral is a global community platform that brings together makers and DIY enthusiasts. Its multicultural founder & CEO, Gaston Irigoyen, tells us how Guidecentral is helping people monestise their crafting passions and how the content is becoming multilingual with the help of crowdsourced translations from local community makers. Describe yourself and what fueled you to…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Manuel Cayre from Mobypark

Mobypark allows parking owners to share their parking spot and contribute to a better living in cities. In this interview, co-founder Manuel Cayre talks about his inspiration for starting Mobypark and what’s ahead for his company now and in the near future. 1. What inspired you to start Mobypark? A real pain! We were going…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Bram and Brian from 3D Hubs

3D Hubs is the world’s largest and fastest growing network of 3D printers. In this interview, founders Bram de Zwart and Brian Garret talk about their inspiration for starting 3D Hubs and what they envision for the company further down the track.   1. What inspired you to start 3D Hubs? While working at 3D…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Serenity Hill and Kirsten Larsen of the Open Food Network

Serenity Hill and Kirsten Larsen are co-founders of the Open Food Network, a free, open source, scalable e-commerce marketplace and logistics platform that enables communities and producers to connect, trade and co-ordinate the movement of food. What inspired you to start the Open Food Network? We had both done lots of work in policy and research…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Tim Kunde of Friendsurance

Friendsurance is an online p2p insurance platform forging the way for people to get cash back from their insurance premiums. In this interview, co-founder and managing Director Tim Kunde explains how the collaborative platform enables cheaper and easier insurance options. The easiest way to explain Friendsurance is … Friendsurance is the pioneer of peer-to-peer insurance….  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Paul Slezak of Recruitloop

Paul Slezak is co-founder of RecruitLoop, an online platform disrupting the recruitment industry by providing employers with a flexible recruitment solution charged at an hourly rate. In this interview, Paul explains how the platform upends the hiring equation. 1.When you were working in a recruitment agency, what were some of the processes and the culture around…  Read more


MentorPitch is a global mentoring platform for companies, universities and interest groups that manages and measures mentoring programs online.  In this interview, founder Gerard Kiely explains how he started the platform in Dublin, Ireland. The easiest way to explain MentorPitch is … MentorPitch is the home of mentoring and offers structured online mentoring for businesses, universities and…  Read more

Pioneer interview with Johann Jenson of Africa is Africa’s largest social accommodation marketplace connecting travelers looking for cool and unique places to stay with hosts and their empty beds. In 2011 while still working at the UN in Nairobi, SleepOut founder Johann Jenson spent a lot of time visiting Lamu Island where  he fell in love with the barefoot bohemian chic lifestyle…  Read more