Trust in the Sharing Economy: In Conversation with the UK Gov’t

This excerpt is reposted from the eRated blog. Written by Matthew Godwin How do we keep users safe? What role should the government play as regulator? Can marketplaces really police themselves? These were just some of the questions in a free-flowing discussion of the challenges and opportunities facing the sharing economy in the months and…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Andy Taylor, Founder of Yatango

Andy is the co-founder of Yatango,  a collaborative consumption technology platform based in Australia.He is also the co-founder of p2p money lending platform, SocietyOne. In this interview, he talks about Yatango, a platform that allows users to build their on mobile plans and allows them to change it on a month to month basis to…  Read more

Collaborative Logistics: Ripe for Disruption

I am frequently asked what sectors I think will be next in terms of being disrupted by collaborative business models. Pet care? Mortgages? Parking? It’s a hard space to crack but I think 2015 will be the year we see some big things happen in collaborative logistics, especially shipping. A useful lens I have developed to…  Read more


We scour the internet to find the most interesting news on the collaborative consumption front. Here are our picks for the week:   Report: Making Sense of the UK Collaborative Economy 25% of the UK population took part in the collaborative economy over the last year according to a report by Nesta UK and Collaborative…  Read more

REPORT: Making Sense of the UK Collaborative Economy by Nesta UK with Collaborative Lab

Over the last few years, we have observed the rapid growth in popularity of collaborative economy companies all around the world, and while we learn more and more about this shift every day, a number of big questions have remained unanswered, such as exactly who is participating in this new economic activity? Why do company founders…  Read more

The Catalan Competition Authority issues the study “P2P transactions and competition”

In the middle of a complicated scenario for Airbnb and Uber in Catalunya, the Catalan Competition Authority (ACCO) issued the study “P2P transactions and competition” (.pdf) The document is an approach to the technology innovation of marketplaces (websites or mobile applications) that turn out to be a meeting point between supply and demand, and which…  Read more


We scour the internet to find the most interesting news on the collaborative consumption front. Here are our picks for the week: Independent contractor ruling on FedEx drivers could affect “Sharing Economy” Patrick Hoge, BizJournals A federal court panel ruling this week holding that FedEx drivers were misclassified as independent contractors could have major implications for “sharing…  Read more

To Share = To Empower: The Collaborative Economy in Colombia

Colombia is a country teeming with entrepreneurial spirit and a regional leader in social innovation. The days of drug wars are receding, and it’s opening up to the world. Colombia also has a history of progressive mayors, especially in Bogotá and Medellín, making it a hotbed for urban innovation. Earlier this month I went to…  Read more

Sharing’s Not Just for Start-Ups

This excerpt is reposted from Harvard Business Review. Written by Rachel Botsman Two years ago Peggy Fang Roe noticed a frustrating phenomenon. The chief sales and marketing officer in Marriott’s Asia Pacific division, Fang Roe knows that hotel conference rooms are underutilized—yet she often saw people searching Marriott’s lobbies and restaurants for a quiet spot…  Read more

Why Copenhagen Can Become Europe’s Crowd Capital

The city of Copenhagen is making a public call to citizens, companies and government to make the transition to the new, connected and inclusive economy. With many great cities in the running, it is no mean feat that Copenhagen nabbed the top spot, for two years in a row, as Fast Company’s most innovative city…  Read more