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P2P car sharing community SnappCar crowdfunds €560k

Amsterdam, April 17. During last month, p2p car sharing community SnappCar raised a total of €560,125 ($771,796) from 481 crowdfunders. The Dutch company not only broke the record for equity-crowdfunding, but also proved the potential of collaborative investment in the collaborative economy. The amount raised will be used for SnappCar’s European rollout. Within a week…  Read more

Skillshare debuts new Spotify-like membership model for online education

Students can now pay just shy of $10 a month to access hundreds of online courses on Skillshare. The Skillshare courses were previously available for a flat fee — typically around $20 or $30 per course. That’s relatively inexpensive for a one-off course, but the bill racks up fast for Skillshare’s most loyal customers. After the beta…  Read more

Colombia and its first steps towards a collaborative economy

In this post, Gustavo Palacios, our curator from Colombia maps out Colombia’s current economic environment and how it’s gearing up to be collaborative economy ready in terms of tech, infrastructure and more. Colombia is developing an attractive economic environment with great business opportunities specially boosted by free trade agreements recently signed with different countries. The…  Read more

Westpac starts on start-ups: takes $5m stake in peer-to-peer lending service SocietyOne

Below is an excerpt from Business Review Weekly. Westpac Banking Corp’s new venture capital fund has taken an equity stake in Sydney-based peer-to-peer lender ­SocietyOne, in a deal that reflects the coming of age of online lending in Australia and the desire of the major banks to get closer to disruptive start-ups. Reinventure Group, the…  Read more

Airbnb Comes to South Africa

Peer-to-peer accommodation marketplace Airbnb is now available in South Africa, with 3,180 places available to stay country-wide. With around 1462 listings in Cape Town, 452 in Johannesburg and the rest spread across the country, there are diverse opportunities for people to learn more about the way of life in South Africa. While the demand for…  Read more

Spaniards could save up to 27.200M € by adopting collaborative consumption

According to a recently published study by carsharing company Avancar (Zipcar brand in Barcelona), Spaniards could save up to 27.200M € by adopting collaborative consumption. According to the study Madrid(81%) and Catalunya(79%) are the regions more prone to collaborative behaviors, with a large majority of respondents that have already rented or shared goods/services in the…  Read more

European Economic and Social Committee endorse new opinion on collaborative consumption

On 21 January, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) endorsed a new opinion on collaborative or participatory consumption and called for further action at EU level. The opinion acknowledges opportunities for consumer and businesses as well as the positive potential social and environmental impact of Collaborative Consumption. Rapporteur and EESC member Bernardo Hernández Bataller,…  Read more

Freeconomy and Streetbank Merge to Form UK One-Stop Sharing Site

UK’s collaborative community has kicked off 2014 with the exciting announcement that two of its largest neighbourhood sharing sites, Freeconomy and Streetbank, will be uniting to form a one-stop-shop gifting-based platform. This is a positive step towards more collaboration between sharing economy companies as they start to work together to align assets and simplify systems, ultimately…  Read more