Infographic: Closet-Sharing Economy Report from Poshmark

Poshmark, the largest mobile marketplace for buying and selling women’s fashion, is issuing the world’s first-ever report on peer-to-peer fashion trends from the Closet-Sharing Economy. The first annual report details exactly how this market is evolving from a merchandise, transaction and consumer behaviour perspective. Read report. View this infographic for the highlights.    

eBay’s Recommerce Revolution – a snapshot of 2012

As the ‘grandfather’ of collaborative consumption, eBay Inc has paved the way for how we use the internet to connect with strangers to match millions of ‘haves’ with millions of ‘wants’; ushering in an age of digital recommerce. The eBay Inc Social Innovation team is constantly exploring ways to measure the impact of this recommerce activity,…  Read more

Collaborative Consumption Directory – Visualized

We launched the new Collaborative Consumption Directory of Examples more than two months ago now and have received over 150 new submissions from the community, spotting new ideas from around the world. We’re also starting to see people using this information in different ways to help give a better picture of sharing economy activity globally….  Read more

Zipcar: The Smarter Business Blueprint

“As a start-up, Zipcar disrupted the established car ownership model. We held the belief that the status quo was no longer the best way to meet people’s needs in the modern urban environment. The current economic climate only places a greater focus on convenient, cost-effective and flexible business solutions – and the Smarter Business Blueprint…  Read more

1000 days of Online Bookings for has celebrated 1000 days of online bookings  by releasing an infographic that highlights the explosive growth of ridesharing in Europe. The site has 4.3 million registered users that have travelled over 150 million kilometers saving over a million tons of CO2. Find out more at

Airbnb reaches 10 Million Nights Booked

Did you know that right now there are 38,000 people staying on Airbnb? Airbnb has shared their latest infographic that profiles the growth of this community marketplace. Member Profiles

What is the average carpooler like? has shared their great infographic profiling their members.

The Bright Future of Car Sharing

Our latest infographic explores the growth of car sharing around the world and why it’s here to stay.

The Collaborative Home

Our new infographic looks inside our homes at all the assets that can be shared, rented and swapped.

Infographic: The Collaborative Home

Imagine other people paying you to use your things when you don’t need them. That’s the genius of collaborative consumption.