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Peers relaunch: making the sharing economy work for the people who power it

Peers, a member-driven organisation to support the sharing economy movement, relaunched its website on  the 12th of November. The website now focuses on supporting the people who work in the sharing economy by making new tools available on the website. It now has the following: income discovery tool to help people find work, a support…  Read more

Public Consultation on the “Sharing Economy” in Spain

One of the functions of the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) in Spain is advocating competition through the issuing of sector studies and reports. In the framework of this function the Council of the CNMC decided to conduct a study on the new models for service delivery facilitated by information technologies and Internet,…  Read more

Report: The Emerging Collaborative Economy in Australia

A new report, The Emerging Collaborative Economy in Australia, produced by Vision Critical in partnership with Collaborative Lab and Nine! Rewards, reveals promising uptake of and enthusiasm for collaborative economy platforms that use technology to enable people to connect to share and exchange a variety of goods and services. There is already high penetration of many…  Read more

Collaborative Logistics: Ripe for Disruption

I am frequently asked what sectors I think will be next in terms of being disrupted by collaborative business models. Pet care? Mortgages? Parking? It’s a hard space to crack but I think 2015 will be the year we see some big things happen in collaborative logistics, especially shipping. A useful lens I have developed to…  Read more

Celebrate Made in NY Media Center’s 1st Birthday With Industry Mentorship

This is a sponsored post about coworking brought to you by CollaborativeConsumption.com and our content partner Made in NY Media Center.  Over the last few years, thousands of creatives and freelancers around the world have said goodbye to the inevitable distractions and potential loneliness of the ‘home office’ to instead embrace the world of coworking. In fact, global online coworking…  Read more

News from the Netherlands

Over the last year the Dutch collaborative economy has evolved rapidly. Let’s have a quick look at some of the developments. Growth of collaborative economy platforms More and more platforms pop up almost every day. Over the last year we’ve noticed a significant consumer potential through different research projects (by for example Nielsen, NCDO and…  Read more

Sharing’s Not Just for Start-Ups

This excerpt is reposted from Harvard Business Review. Written by Rachel Botsman Two years ago Peggy Fang Roe noticed a frustrating phenomenon. The chief sales and marketing officer in Marriott’s Asia Pacific division, Fang Roe knows that hotel conference rooms are underutilized—yet she often saw people searching Marriott’s lobbies and restaurants for a quiet spot…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Gloria Molins founder of Trip4Real

Gloria Molins is the founder of Trip4real, a travel experience platform. The year and a half old startup has had a colourful start–recently raising €1 million funding, calling Ferran Adria as one of its investing “godfathers”, and raising  funds through IndieGoGo to go to San Francisco to meet with Airbnb, Pinterest, Twitter and Dropbox. In this interview,…  Read more


New York City has become a major hub for sharing economy organizations — with 8.5 million people crammed into such a small space, it really makes sense to share! From fashion startups to bustling coworking spaces to the longstanding Park Slope Food Coop, collaborative economy innovations are continuously bubbling up in the city that never sleeps. Let’s Collaborate!…  Read more

Collaborative Finance: By the People, For the People

I was invited to speak at World Council for Credit Unions this week on how technology is enabling a new generation of person-to –person and crowd–driven funding, lending, currency and investment services that will decentralize and democratize finance, money and banking. Think: Funding Circle, Bitcoin, Lending Club, Kickstarter, IndieGogo, Seedrs, CircleUp, GoFundMe, CurrencyFair, Transferwise, Zopa, MPesa…  Read more