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Pioneer Interview with Ed Kushins of HomeExchange

Ed Kushins is the founder of   HomeExchange, one of the best known and oldest  companies in the collaborative economy. He shares with us what keeps HomeExchange competitive in the space. 1. HomeExchange.com is one of the oldest companies in the Collaborative Economy – how has the company maintained its strong reputation despite growing competition…  Read more

Collaborative economy services: changing the way we travel

Today I spoke at the annual Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals conference (HITEC) in Los Angeles about how the collaborative economy will transform the hospitality ecosystem. I admitted I was a tad nervous to talk to a group whose sector was getting hit hard and fast by the ideas I was going to share. How…  Read more


Alistair Martin is the founder of RipeNear.Me,  a platform that allows users to share, sell and swap produce that they grow. In this interview, Alistair talks about his platform and the joys of being able to access homegrown produce. What sets RipeNear.me apart from other similar platforms? Does it have any unique features? Yes! There…  Read more

Defining the Collaborative Economy – how do we do it, and why?

This post is written by Kathleen Stokes and Emma Clarence from Nesta, and Lauren Anderson from Collaborative Lab. Defining the Collaborative Economy – how do we do it, and why? From small community groups to major multinational corporations, a large and diverse community of businesses, organisations and groups has assembled under the banner of the ‘Collaborative…  Read more

NESTA SURVEY: Businesses and Organisations in the Collaborative Economy

Are you a European-based organisation, company or group that identifies as part of the collaborative economy? Please take our 10-minute survey by May 30th to help us map the sector in the region. We’ve come to recognise the big players of the collaborative economy over the last few years, from AirBnB to ZipCar or Lyft. But what…  Read more


Amsterdam is about to become Europe’s first Sharing City. The variety of entrepreneurs, organizations and communities already active within the sharing economy show that Amsterdam has it. Did you know that 84% of the city’s inhabitants are willing to take part in at least one of the examples of collaborative consumption? Recent research  by shareNL  shows Amsterdam…  Read more

COLLABORATIVE PIONEER: Tomás de Lara & Renato Guimarães,Co-founders OF O Sujeito

Tomás de Lara is the co-founder of O Sujeito (“The Subject”), a crowdfunding channel for independent journalism, which was released on March 12, 2014 in Brazil. Tomás shares his ideas and inspirations for O Sujeito with Brazil Curator Arthur Felizzola. Tell us about O Sujeito and how it began We believe that the possibilities created by the internet…  Read more

Video:The case for collaborative consumption

It’s been 4 years since Rachel’s TEDx Sydney talk, ”The case for collaborative consumption”. Let’s take another look at the video that started it all. Reposted from TED.com

P2P car sharing community SnappCar crowdfunds €560k

Amsterdam, April 17. During the last two months, p2p car sharing community SnappCar raised a total of €560,125 ($771,796) from 481 crowdfunders. The Dutch company not only broke the record for equity-crowdfunding, but also proved the potential of collaborative investment in the collaborative economy. The amount raised will be used for SnappCar’s European rollout. Within…  Read more

Meet the global collaborative economy at OuiShare Fest 2014

The global community and think tank OuiShare just released the program for its second edition of OuiShare Fest, the largest global event about the collaborative economy held in Paris from May 5 -7. The festival is dedicated to the theme The Age of Communities and will gather over 1000 international thought leaders, entrepreneurs, non-profit and…  Read more