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Sharing’s Not Just for Start-Ups

This excerpt is reposted from Harvard Business Review. Written by Rachel Botsman Two years ago Peggy Fang Roe noticed a frustrating phenomenon. The chief sales and marketing officer in Marriott’s Asia Pacific division, Fang Roe knows that hotel conference rooms are underutilized—yet she often saw people searching Marriott’s lobbies and restaurants for a quiet spot…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Gloria Molins founder of Trip4Real

Gloria Molins is the founder of Trip4real, a travel experience platform. The year and a half old startup has had a colourful start–recently raising €1 million funding, calling Ferran Adria as one of its investing “godfathers”, and raising  funds through IndieGoGo to go to San Francisco to meet with Airbnb, Pinterest, Twitter and Dropbox. In this interview,…  Read more


New York City has become a major hub for sharing economy organizations — with 8.5 million people crammed into such a small space, it really makes sense to share! From fashion startups to bustling coworking spaces to the longstanding Park Slope Food Coop, collaborative economy innovations are continuously bubbling up in the city that never sleeps. Let’s Collaborate!…  Read more

Collaborative Finance: By the People, For the People

I was invited to speak at World Council for Credit Unions this week on how technology is enabling a new generation of person-to –person and crowd–driven funding, lending, currency and investment services that will decentralize and democratize finance, money and banking. Think: Funding Circle, Bitcoin, Lending Club, Kickstarter, IndieGogo, Seedrs, CircleUp, GoFundMe, CurrencyFair, Transferwise, Zopa, MPesa…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer: Interview with Mark Horoszowski, co-founder of MovingWorlds

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder of MovingWorlds, a global experteering platform. In this interview, Mark reveals how he got started with the platform and what it means to be a MovingWorlds experteer. Describe MovingWorlds to someone who hasn’t used it before The MovingWorlds matching site and support team helps people find the best place around…  Read more

Pioneer Interview with Ed Kushins of HomeExchange

Ed Kushins is the founder of   HomeExchange, one of the best known and oldest  companies in the collaborative economy. He shares with us what keeps HomeExchange competitive in the space. 1. HomeExchange.com is one of the oldest companies in the Collaborative Economy – how has the company maintained its strong reputation despite growing competition…  Read more

Collaborative economy services: changing the way we travel

Today I spoke at the annual Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals conference (HITEC) in Los Angeles about how the collaborative economy will transform the hospitality ecosystem. I admitted I was a tad nervous to talk to a group whose sector was getting hit hard and fast by the ideas I was going to share. How…  Read more


Alistair Martin is the founder of RipeNear.Me,  a platform that allows users to share, sell and swap produce that they grow. In this interview, Alistair talks about his platform and the joys of being able to access homegrown produce. What sets RipeNear.me apart from other similar platforms? Does it have any unique features? Yes! There…  Read more

Defining the Collaborative Economy – how do we do it, and why?

This post is written by Kathleen Stokes and Emma Clarence from Nesta, and Lauren Anderson from Collaborative Lab. Defining the Collaborative Economy – how do we do it, and why? From small community groups to major multinational corporations, a large and diverse community of businesses, organisations and groups has assembled under the banner of the ‘Collaborative…  Read more

NESTA SURVEY: Businesses and Organisations in the Collaborative Economy

Are you a European-based organisation, company or group that identifies as part of the collaborative economy? Please take our 10-minute survey by May 30th to help us map the sector in the region. We’ve come to recognise the big players of the collaborative economy over the last few years, from AirBnB to ZipCar or Lyft. But what…  Read more