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Meet the global collaborative economy at OuiShare Fest 2014

The global community and think tank OuiShare just released the program for its second edition of OuiShare Fest, the largest global event about the collaborative economy held in Paris from May 5 -7. The festival is dedicated to the theme The Age of Communities and will gather over 1000 international thought leaders, entrepreneurs, non-profit and…  Read more

CropFest, Sydney

Youth Food Movement’s latest project, CropFest, is taking a leaf out of singer Lorde‘s book this week, teaching the Australian foodie scene that it’s OK to have flaws! CropFest is about the perfectly wonky fruit and vegetables that are currently thrown out by the tonne in Australia due to consumer ideas  and marketing messages about what our groceries…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer: An Inside Interview with Richard Laughton, CEO of easyCar

Richard Laughton is the CEO of easyCar, UK’s largest peer-to-peer marketplace for cars available to rent by a community of pre-vetted members. In this interview, Richard reveals the secret sauce of easyCar’s success in the UK market  and his favourite club member story so far. 1. How can someone rent a car through easyCar Club?…  Read more

Westpac starts on start-ups: takes $5m stake in peer-to-peer lending service SocietyOne

Below is an excerpt from Business Review Weekly. Westpac Banking Corp’s new venture capital fund has taken an equity stake in Sydney-based peer-to-peer lender ­SocietyOne, in a deal that reflects the coming of age of online lending in Australia and the desire of the major banks to get closer to disruptive start-ups. Reinventure Group, the…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer: An Inside Interview with Lawrence Alvarez, Co-Founder of the Toronto Tool Library

Lawrence Alvarez is the Co-Founder of The Toronto Tool Library, a collaborative resource sharing project with two locations in Toronto. Canada Curator Lucy Gao spoke with Lawrence to discuss the growing success of the Tool Library, collaborative consumption in Toronto, and the rise of a new resource-based economy. How does the Tool Library work? Members…  Read more

Denmark towards a Sharing and Collaborative Economy 2014: High ambitions but lack of legal frameworks

This post is an excerpt of Susanne Mathiasen’s blog post: Denmark towards a Sharing and Collaborative Economy 2014: High ambitions but lack of legal framework At the beginning of 2014 there are several indications that Denmark is seriously beginning to work on the transition to a new economy – a sharing and collaborative economy. Denmark has…  Read more

Top 10 Things a City Can Do To Become a Shareable City

As a follow up to my Top 10 Reasons Why 2014 Will Be the Year of Shareable Cities post, comes this list. It is intended to serve as a guide for policy-makers and cities worldwide. Expect more Shareable Cities posts from Collaborative Lab soon. A Shareable City looks at multiple aspects of urban planning and…  Read more

Collaborative Pioneer: An inside interview with Daan Weddepohl of Peerby

Daan Weddepohl is the founder of Peerby.com, which is a website and iPhone app that enables people to borrow the things they need from others in their neighborhood in 30 minutes. What inspired you to start Peerby and how did you do it? I love technology and I love people. I find it amazing that…  Read more