Near Me Helps Brands Join the Sharing Economy

How the worlds biggest brands came to love the sharing economy

“Whether it’s testing a new vehicle by having potential customers rent them or using a services-based company to deliver goods from one place to another for optimal customer service, brands are creatively using this new type of customer engagement to build community, customer loyalty and reach new audiences. So, what have brands done so far?”

Brands continue to join the collaborative consumption movement with examples that range from a partnership between Home Depot and Uber as well as Near Me and Cisco. Near Me is a peer-to-peer commerce solution enabling anyone, including brands, to setup their own marketplace.

We seem to be at turning point in the peer-to-peer economy where brands (many of which have created large conversational communities through social media) are becoming aware that their customers actually want to interact, transact, and help one another get their needs met in more meaningful ways. Brands are starting to respond by empowering their existing communities to exchange goods and services. I look forward to seeing how brands can subsidize fruitful marketplaces, using existing niche audiences connected by common interests.

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