City Guide: Barcelona

Albert Cañigueral, our Global Curator based in Barcelona, shares with us a collaborative lifestyle guide for his city.


Barcelona is quickly becoming a strong hub for collaborative consumption bringing it to the attention of mainstream media, regulators, business schools and government.



  • Wallapop is an extremely simple yet very efficient mobile phone application to sell your stuff
  • The local version of Freecycle is Nolotiro
  • Or sometimes you just need to get your stuff fixed? Reparat millor que nou is your place then



  • Want traditional carsharing? Avancar is the branch of Zipcar in the city
  • Want a public bike shared system? Bicing is there since 2007! It recently got sponsored by Vodafone
  • Peer to Peer car rental is your choice? head towards SocialCar then
  • And there are rumors that Uber might land in the city very very soon…

If Barcelona is known for something is tourism, so we have it all here!

  • Barcelona is the 4th city for Airbnb. Here’s the impact study
  • Local food is excellent. Visit EatWith to find local hidden gems. One year in the city with excellent results
  • Trip4Real is the experiences market. They’ve lost count of how many awards they’ve won and Ferran Adrià (chef) is one of the investors.
  • Thinking about homeswapping? Check Knok and MyTwinPlace, both with HQ in Barcelona and operate at global scale.


  • TradeSchool, barter for knowledge is also present in Barcelona
  • Foxize offers high quality 3h x 90€ capsules on digital technologies, marketing, communcation, business, etc. Now expanding to Latin America too


  • Makers of Barcelona (MOB) is the coworking where I work from
  • Bethaus(always in beta) is a massive space located in the Gracia neighborhood
  • Impact HUB Barcelona will also happen very very soon… but details can’t be disclosed yet


  • Verkami is the crowdfunding pionner in Spain. Ulule manages the Spanish market from Barcelona.
  • Goteo is my favourite crowdfunding platform. “Crowdfunding for crowdbenefit”, a.k.a. crowdfunding the commons
  • There must be a better way to do foreign currency exchange, right? Kantox is doing B2B forex for large companies.


And the list could go on and on and on… If you want to keep up to date with the latest #CollCons news in Spain and Latin America you can follow ConsumoColaborativo blog

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