Co-working in Cape Town

Co-working has definitely landed in Cape Town, South Africa – complete with art-deco furnishings, gourmet coffee and fast wi-fi. Stimulated by an ever-growing startup space we have seen loads of unique offerings making their appearance – below we have featured just a few of our favourites:

The Woodstock Exchange

Location: 66-68 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Bandwidth Barn

bandwidth-barn-co-work-woodstock-cape-townLocation: 3rd Floor, Block B, Woodstock Exchange

Pricing: Free for successful applicants to its accelerator

The Barn aims to inspire and nurture great ideas relating to science, technology, design and social innovation. The offering extends beyond a typical co-working space and includes many support services (accounting, business consulting and business planning) as well as events ranging from hack-a-thons to networking mixers.

For more information visit:


The Bureaux

the-bureaux-co-work-woodstock-cape-townLocation: Various offices throughout the Woodstock Exchange

Pricing: Monthly rentals from R1,500

The Bureaux is home to some of Cape Town’s newest and brightest young entrepreneurs and startups. And meeting Greg Beadle, the manager of this space, makes it very clear why. The open spaces and industrial look along with Greg’s all-hands-on-deck mentality means that young companies can grow uninterrupted.

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Cape Town Garage

cape-town-garage-co-work-woodstockLocation: Unit 401, Block A, Woodstock Exchange

Pricing: R2,000 per person per month

Described as “a super decked out co-working space for people in the tech / mobile / web industry”, the Cape Town Garage is also home to 88mph (a seed fund and accelerator program which partners with Google in incubating African-focused tech startups).

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Around Woodstock


daddy.o-co-work-woodstock-cape-townLocation: Block A, Unit 301, Old Biscuit Mill, 375 Albert Road, Woodstock

Pricing: From R25 per hour to R995 per month

From the creators of the Woodstock Exchange comes yet another funky workspace in Woodstock’s other darling, The Old Biscuit Mill. Featuring all the standard amenities at a very affordable monthly rate and some of Cape Town’s best food and shopping on your doorstep, this is a great space.

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Hubspace-co-work-woodstock-cape-town-2Location: Woodstock Hub: Unit 102 Old Castle Brewery, 6 Beach Road, Woodstock, Cape Town and Khayelitsha Hub: Harare Square Business Hub, Ncumo Road, Khayelitsha, Cape Town

Pricing: Varies from daily hot desk rates to monthly membership rates

With hubs in both Woodstock and Khayelitsha and another coming soon to Stellenbosch, Hubspace offers a unique blend of co-working and networking featuring both hot desks and memberships as well as spaces to host events.

For more information visit: 


The Inspiration Playground

the-inspiration-playground-co-work-woodstock-cape-townLocation: 11 Roodebloem Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Pricing: WINTER SPECIAL: R1,500 per month per desk (month-to-month basis)

Co-working with a playful twist. This three-bedroom house in Cape Town’s creative hub, Woodstock, has been converted into a co-working space for 15 “Inspirers” featuring “Sparkle”, “Shimmer” and “Glitter” spaces.

For more information visit: 



Co-working and the City

Twenty Fifty

twenty-fifty-co-work-cbd-cape-townLocation: 1st Floor, Truth Coffee Building, 36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town

Pricing: From R150 per day visit to R2,500 per month for a full-time membership

Aiming to support collaboration across various disciplines, Twenty Fifty does not specialise in tech or design entrepreneurs and businesses but opens its doors to anyone willing to interact and learn. And being located above one of Cape Town’s favourite coffee shops does not hurt.

For more information visit:


Inner City Ideas Cartel

inner-city-ideas-cartel-co-work-cbd-cape-townLocation: 71 Waterkant Street, Second Floor, Cape Town

Pricing: From R250 per day to R2,000 per month (shared space)

Dubbed the ideal working space for the urban entrepreneur, the Ideas Cartel promises to “inspire, encourage and enable our members by giving them the tools they need to create a daily work experiences that brings them happiness, opportunity, increased income and meaning.”

For more information visit:


№80 Hout Street

80hout-studio-cowork-cape-townLocation: 80 Hout Street, Cape Town, South Africa

Pricing: From R2,000 per month (for a one-man show) to R6,000 per month (for a four-man show)

№80 Hout Street dubs itself “an inspirational, open-plan co-working studio for respectful, easy-going, creative professionals”. It is a bright, spacious space with a curated contemporary art collection in the heart of the city currently inhabited by designers, coders, writers, photographers and startups.

For more information:

On Cape Town’s Doorstep

Growth Space

growth-space-co-work-somerset-cape-townLocation: Unit 209 Pinehurst, Somerset Links Office Park, Somerset West

Pricing: Ranges from R99 for daily drop-ins to R3,500 per month for a private four-seater office space

Started by “starter” Wayne to address his concerns around isolation and motivation as a solo-entrepreneur, Growth Space does just that. Located in Somerset West, just outside Cape Town, the space features inspirational quotes on every wall and a strong focus on shared knowledge and support.

For more information visit:


Vulcan Labs


Location: PaardeVlei, De Beers Avenue, Somerset West 

Pricing: From R150 for a day pass to R2,000 per month per member

This web developer-friendly space houses developers with expertise in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and mobile and has the added advantage of being next to a micro-brewery, a winery and a cheetah outreach.

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14 thoughts on “Co-working in Cape Town

  1. This is so inspiring!
    I’ve been searching for collaboration opportunities since moving to Cape Town.
    Have decided to create a Kommetjie style (upmarket!) Professional space for collaborative working environments.
    I have space for 5 others which includes power for each desk, free WIFI and coffee and tea making facilities.
    Great to learn from those already doing it of what I can do to improve my space.
    Thanks for the Share.
    Looking forward to filling my space.

    • Hi there Bonnie.
      That is so exciting – would love to come have a look at the space – really did not expect co-working to make its way to Kommetjie.
      Let me know if you would like me to add your space to the post above – DM your email address on Twitter (@the_b_boss).
      You are also more than welcome to add your space to our directory (

    • Hi there Tim
      I would be more than happy to add CodeBridge.
      Please DM me your email address on Twitter (@the_b_boss) and I will be in touch.

  2. The Inspiration Playground is running Winter rates of R1500 per desk per month, all inclusive. Would love you to update the listing from R2000 for us so everybody knows. thanks so much. Come Play!!!!

    • Hi there Timea
      I have added your winter special rates – please let me know when the special ends so I can update it again.

    • Hi there Alan
      I would be more than happy to add Co-working Cape Town to our listing.
      I will drop you a mail quick.

  3. I wish they had something equivalent in Pretoria. I have searched high and low and haven’t managed to find anything similar. If anyone does hear of Collaborative Working solutions for this part of the country, please do get in touch!

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  5. Do you perhaps have a space or know of a space where I can paint paintings and live for one to 3 months? I am in Johannesburg.

    Kind Regards


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