Refood: Collaborative Communities Ending Food Waste

refood volunteersRefood is a non-profit project, born in Lisbon, Portugal in 2011, founded to redirect unserved leftover food to hungry people around the city. Refood is built on three key missions: to end unnecessary food waste; to end urban hunger and to build local communities.

The Refood project is by no means the first food rescue operation. Projects like City Harvest (NYC), D.C Central Kitchen (DC), Philabundance (Philly) and many others, target the biggest overproducers in their areas and, using small teams of volunteers driving trucks, move tons of previously wasted food to institutions for distribution to hungry people every year. Refood, however, is different because they target every single scrap of excess prepared food within their neighborhood (going to every coffee shop, restaurant and grocery store, every day that they are open). They created a team of hundreds of local volunteers to harvest 100% of the previously wasted food—every day, rain or shine. That food is then delivered to people who are not being served by existing institutions – homeless, jobless or in any other condition that leaves them without the means to secure the food they need. Now, Refood aims to replicate their work in collaborative communities around the world.

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