Collaborative Consumption in Austria

2013-08-21 18.17.57On 21st August 2013, the Sharing Economy of Austria met for the first time on a lovely summer evening.

People from Carsharing24/7, UseTwice, TopSwap, CheckRobin, Key To Office, 1000×1000, and more met and listened to Herbert Kling from Meinunsgraum—the author of an opinion poll about the popularity of Sharing Economy concepts, including the willingness and motivations to make use of them.

Kling’s study found that the most well known collaborative consumption concept in Austria is car-sharing, with 75% awareness. This is likely due to the visibility of the cars as well as the heavy advertising of car2go. Next comes home-swapping and room-sharing or renting like Airbnb (41%) followed by ride-sharing (34%) and renting platforms like UseTwice (15%).

About 51% of those surveyed would be willing to make use of these services, and 48% think that these kind of platforms will grow more important in the future. The three main motivations for taking part in collaborative consumption are:

  • Saving money or earning money
  • Having fun, meeting new people (eg. lifestyle)
  • Saving resources (both financial and environmental)

There is still much to do to popularize the sharing economy in Austria, but interest and awareness are growing. The group will continue to meet and spread the word, not just about their own startups, but also the sharing economy as a whole. Members have already started to develop collaborations to grow the entire market!


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