Mapping the sharing economy in Toronto

torontosharingPeer-to-peer sharing organization Unstash has created a Google map of the sharing economy in their home city of Toronto, Canada. They were inspired by a Shareable post on “How to map the new economy in your city.”

Mapping out cities is an effective way to keep track of sharing organizations and businesses, as well as giving them an opportunity to connect with one another. It also helps to raise awareness of the collaborative consumption movement and can be the first step in developing the support and infrastructure needed for a city to become the next Seoul or San Francisco.

Check out the map on the Unstash blog.

2 thoughts on “Mapping the sharing economy in Toronto

  1. we are looking for shared office space in Toronto. mostly for interview and training. and a place where anyone can pick up information
    I would to be connected with someone who has the space and want to share.

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