Making Travel Connections Through Collaborative Consumption

21GETAWAY_SPAN-articleLarge-v2Taking inspiration from collaborative consumption marketplaces and online dating sites, a handful of newcomers aim to connect travelers with each other to help them save money, stay safe and enjoy more authentic cultural experiences while touring a city full of strangers.

Sites such as EasyNest, Friends of Friends Travel, Tint.Travel, and Voulez Vous Diner are helping solo travelers save money by sharing—for example, sharing a hotel room to take advantage of reduced rates. However, they also provide a way for travlers to make friends, or even find a companion, while they visit a new city. While their web presence is still relatively low, mostly based on leveraging the idea of six degrees of separation, this is an incredibly gratifying way to broaden one’s horizons, understand foreign viewpoints and escape the “tourist trap” mentality.

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