Lisbon Engages Citizens with Participatory Budgeting

Sé_de_Lisboa,_Sé-Catedral_de_LisboaLisbon was the first European capital to implement the Participatory Budgeting at the City Hall in 2008, in order to deepen the connection of the local authority with its citizens. Since then, citizen participation has increased significantly (an increase of 16 times since 2008). The first Participatory Budgeting model was implemented in 1989 at the City Hall of Porto Alegre, in Brazil and has inspired other cities around the world since then.

 These numbers indicate that citizens want to be more involved with the City Hall and feel part of the city’s decision making process. The Participatory Budgeting also helps the City Hall authorities to better adapt their policies to the needs of their citizens. With this type of co-production initiative, Lisbon aims to make the city more democratic and participatory.

Check out the full story on Lisbon’s Participatory Budgeting here.


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