Discover Co-vacationing: How Collaborative Consumption can Save your Summer Holidays

Collcons-CovacationingBy pooling their resources, families can afford more of a vacation together than they could on their own.  A workforce of freelancers can’t afford their own private summer homes. But a return to the proud tradition of co-vacationing means they won’t have to.

As summer holidays are fast approaching, this is a very spot on and timely article that explores the concept of collective use for spaces in the hospitality and tourism industry. Full-time jobs are giving way to occasional contract employment where regular payslips and paid vacation are rare. On the other hand, with soaring prices on fuel, hotels and summer rentals, a vacation is no longer within reach. Co-working has shown that we can rethink the way we work. Co-vacationing builds on the same idea. It’s time to rethink the way we relax and spend our holidays.

Read the full story on The Atlantic.

2 thoughts on “Discover Co-vacationing: How Collaborative Consumption can Save your Summer Holidays

  1. Marco, collaborative consumption has become a mass phenomenon, and particularly in the tourism industry we are seeing new business models popping up every day. We operate a portal – – which is a p2p marketplace for sailing holidays, and we are observing that our low prices (on average there is a 30% savings compared to traditional offers made by tour operators) are an important driver for growth.

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