Collaborative Consumption is Booming in the Crowded Streets of Paris

Collcons-ParisCollaborative consumption is thriving in the heart of Paris due to congestion, crowded streets, cramped living space and lack of parking spots. These factors gave rise in cars, bicycles, scooters and rooms sharing.

This insightful article puts emphasis on how collaborative consumption can help residents of big cities in Europe to reduce the costs of getting around and capitalise on the idle potential of small spaces. What is argued here is that in big cities people are more tolerant and can more easily adapt to change. This flexible attitude helps making collaborative consumption take off faster and big cities have a multiplier potential for the rest of their countries and Europe in general. “Anyone who’s rented a car from a car-sharing network (particularly right after someone has used it), or an apartment off of Airbnb knows what he’s talking about. It takes some getting used to and there’s a lot of things that can be unexpected, like less-than-clean cars and apartments, or quirky cars and apartment owners“. However, big cities dwellers are versatile enough to overcome these minor setbacks for the sake of improved convenience and affordability.

Check out the full story on Gigaom.

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