Fast.Co Design: Experience is everything in the sharing economy

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

“We increasingly consume products and services through renting, sharing, and purchasing subscriptions. Being “socially connected” is no longer just about having a lot of people to share your news with; these days, it’s about having a lot of people to share your stuff with–either for free or at a fraction of the market fee. It’s about collaborative consumption.” – Lada Gorlenko, Fast.Co Design

One of the biggest challenges faced by collaborative consumption start-ups is enabling a user experience that is easy, frictionless and fun enough to encourage members to return. In this post for Fast.Co Design, user experience expert Lada Gorlenko looks into the five key factors that go into creating a well-designed sharing economy experience; from customization to reputation to positive matches between members.

Read the full article from Lada Gorlenko on Fast.Co Design.

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