Zipcar: The Smarter Business Blueprint

“As a start-up, Zipcar disrupted the established car ownership model. We held the belief that the status quo was no longer the best way to meet people’s needs in the modern urban environment. The current economic climate only places a greater focus on convenient, cost-effective and flexible business solutions – and the Smarter Business Blueprint is our contribution to the men and women bold enough to launch businesses that challenge traditional models.” – Zipcar UK

Zipcar blueprint

Zipcar has released a report today in partnership with StartUp Britain and Ashridge Business School to capture the common traits of successful startups. Check out interviews with entrepreneurs and the Smarter Business Blueprint infographic here.

One thought on “Zipcar: The Smarter Business Blueprint

  1. Zipcar does not equal carsharing.

    It might be good to get some facts straight about the carsharing industry. There is a carsharing association – that you could check out. One of our members “Communauto” and specifically the Founder “Benoit Robert” was the very first person to start a carsharing organization in North America. He was the first “disrupter” of car ownership.

    Communauto boast (they would not boast – I am for them) 24,000 members and 1250 cars (maybe more now) and have also taken over a company in Paris. They have been going for longer than any other in the Americas.

    Benoit is a fantastic, generous and humble person – let’s set the record straight.

    You do all of us a disservice by branding carsharing as “Zipcar”. Please, let’s share the industry!

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