FastCompany: Airbnb launches new ID Verification


‘Today Airbnb introduced “Verified Identification,” a tool designed to ensure that a user’s online identity matches his or her offline identity. In an age of clinically insane YouTube commenters and fake Twitter handles and privacy snafus, when anonymity on the web is commonplace, it’s a tough nut to crack. But Airbnb believes it will help improve trust and security in the so-called sharing economy. “We feel very strongly that anonymity has no place in the future of Airbnb,” says Airbnb spokesperson Jakob Kerr. “We think this is definitely the direction the entire industry is heading in.”‘ – Austin Carr, Fast Company

Making a move to integrate Jumio’s ‘Net Verify’ technology, Airbnb is one step closer in eliminating trust and safety loopholes for their community of hosts and guests. It’s a great step towards helping the collaborative economy reach a more mainstream audience as people’s fears around fraudulent identity are met with a proactive response.

Read the full article about Airbnb’s new safety features on Fast Company.

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