VISI: Bartering grows in South Africa

“A Good Exchange was launched in November 2012: This South African platform promotes sharing in the creative industries through technology. Two online exchanges have taken place thus far, and the first live exchange was held in Durban recently.”

Lauren Wallet, who runs A Good Exchange in Durban, was interviewed on the concept of bartering by VISI.


“As a creative interested in local design and supporting others, bartering makes sense when you are going to be spending money on those items anyway,” she says. “It was also good fun having a glass of wine and be able to mingle with other designers who are in the same boat!” ”

Check out the full interview on VISI here.


2 thoughts on “VISI: Bartering grows in South Africa

  1. Hi Benjamin thanks for posting this artical if I did not see the twitter feed I would have never known that Collaborative Consumption was alive and well in South Africa. I’ve been supporting the concept for the last 3 years. We’ve also recently launched a creative space project which embodies all the fundamentals of collaborative consumptions.

    Alive and well here Cape Town South Africa.

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