“Christopher Yeung and his team said last Friday that they needed investment of HK$620,000 to help get their start-up, off the ground. On Saturday, they made a small dent in that when they were handed a cheque for HK$20,000. Their sales pitch was voted the best of three by guests at a start-ups conference in Tin Hau organised by CoCoon.


Yeung came across the car-sharing concept while studying in Britain. After returning to Hong Kong two years ago, he worked briefly at a bank, but he wanted to do something more challenging. So he decided to set up his own car-sharing service here. After toiling alone on the project and realising his limitations, he joined CoCoon.

The social enterprise provides a space where budding entrepreneurs can meet potential start-up co-founders with a range of technology-related skills. It also organises activities for members to meet investors and learn from seasoned entrepreneurs.” – South China Morning Post

Read the remainder of the article here, which details some the market research by Christopher and his team, and their plans for developing and launching the scheme.


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