“Collaborative Consumption: Are you ready for a paradigm shift?” at ESADE Business School

The emerging model of collaborative consumption is now big and disruptive enough for regulators, companies, governments and business schools to have woken up to it. That is a sign of its immense potential. As The Economist wrote: “It is time to start caring about sharing”.

It always helps to put things in perspective, and with the media’s habit of putting the spotlight on the most corporate-oriented projects, it has also raised some interesting voices claiming that “Collaborative consumption is dead, long live the real sharing economy”.

On May 13th at ESADE Business School Barcelona, Lauren Anderson (Chief Knowledge Officer at Collaborative Lab) will take part in an Inspiring Future session devoted to Collaborative Consumption: Are you ready for the paradigm shift?

The event also includes a round table moderated by CreaFutur featuring Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, ESADE and OuiShare experts and a pitch session with four local startups: SocialEaters, Grownies, Trip4real y Prepárate Banco de Tiempo. If you are at Barcelona, you should not miss it!

For all additional details and registration please visit ESADE event page.

One thought on ““Collaborative Consumption: Are you ready for a paradigm shift?” at ESADE Business School

  1. Wow, what a challenge to let go of possessing and possessing. I can be an example of greedy accumulation of under used goods.
    Thank you

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