CNBC: A Seat At The Sharing Economy Table

“At an intimate dinner party, Maria Bartiromo gives a ‘Seat at the Table’ to the rising stars of collaborative consumption—a new breed of technology companies that offer consumers easy access to almost any product or experience—without having to own it. From vacation properties and private chefs to designer clothes and flashy cars, the young entrepreneurs behind Airbnb,KitchitRent the RunwayUber, and Getaround aim to bring the world to you.”

Seat At The Table, image courtesy of CNBC

Seat At The Table, image courtesy of CNBC

With so many talented entrepreneurs in the one room, CNBC’s Seat At The Table with collaborative consumption founders is full of wonderful insights about what’s driving the sharing economy forward and what the key to its future success will be (and Kitchit’s dinner service looked excellent too!). As Dan Rosensweig, CEO of textbook-rental marketplace Chegg, states, “this generation is building sustainable companies that we expect to be around for 100 years.”

Read the full article and watch excerpts of the dinner party conversation at CNBC.


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