WSJ: City CarShare Releases Carsharing Impact Report


City Carshare“In honor of Earth Day 2013, City CarShare, the largest nonprofit carsharing organization in North America, released an environmental report detailing the organization’s positive impact for the San Francisco Bay Area for 2012 and to-date. Results show that on Earth Day alone, 68,000 fewer miles will be driven on Bay Area roads due to City CarShare’s transit-oriented carshare service. The organization reported that, in 2012, a total of 25 million fewer miles were driven overall due to City CarShare. Its positive impact on the local environment last year included a savings of 85 million fewer pounds of CO2 emissions and 4.3 million fewer gallons of gasoline used.” – Wall Street Journal

The report also outlines the rising cost of car ownership for Bay Area residents, and the expansion of City CarShare’s electric fleet.

Read the full briefing here, and check out the City CarShare 2013 Impact Report Fact Sheet in our Resources section.

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