PSFK: MyRideBuddy facilitates ridesharing in Singapore


“The founders of MyRideBuddy see opportunity in a city where 1 million rides take place in more than 500,000 vehicles every day.  The service facilitates more than formalizes the informal exchange of ‘getting a ride’, adding greater security, user agreements and payment transaction benefits to the experience while reducing traffic congestion, pollution and personal driving expenses.” – PSFK Labs

Back in 2011, we tipped ridesharing to be one of the fastest-growing sectors of collaborative consumption. Certainly the global growth of carpooling platforms, and the emergence of real-time ridesharing confirms that people are thinking differently about how they get from A to B. With the launch of MyRideBuddy, it seems that Singapore is no exception.

For more information, read the full article at PSFK.

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