Collaborative Consumption grows despite crisis in Spain

Spain is the middle of its worst and biggest financial crisis ever. Despite this gloomy scenario Q1 2013 has seen a number of invesments in collaborative consumption startups space that reinforce  the trend projected by 2012 figures.

  • announced 500.000 euros investment weeks ago. Launched in January 2012 Knok is a Barcelona based home exchange site that has focused on builiding liquidity on their p2p marketplace (reaching 20.000 users and 159 countries) and on the match making capabilities of their system.
  • Percentil received 380.000€ at the end of February. With a model similar to Thredup, in the last 6 months, Percentil bought 45.000 pieces of clothes and sold more than 26.000, saving up to 400.000 euros to the participant families.
  • Lanzanos is one of the largest crowfunding sites in Spain. Lanzanos received 250.000 euros to start international expansion starting with Portugal and later on Latin América.
  • Uolala, sharing social activities with like-minded people, received 150.000 euros on December 2012 and started to expand to France, United Kingdom and Germany. Uolala just opened a new round to raise up to 300.000 euros.
  • Comunitats, a SaaS provider for corporate/institutions time banks, raised 150.000 euros to expand their development team and comission a market fit study for the USA educational sector.

Observing this activity there is factual evidence that collaborative consumption interest in Spain is booming.

If you read Spanish, keep updated on latest collaborative consumption news from Spain and Latam by following ConsumoColaborativo and OuiShare in Spanish.

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