VentureBeat: Wal-mart uses ‘sharing economy’ to offer same-day deliveries

Walmart“Wal-Mart is dipping its toe into the sharing economy. The iconic seller of mass-produced, cheaply made, inexpensive, goods is considering a new crowdsourced delivery system.

The plan is based on the idea of the ‘sharing economy,’ which connects people with available goods, services, skills, space, time etc… to those who need them.  Startups like TaskRabbit, Exec, Zaarly, and Postmates have quickly made this model a staple of internet commerce, and large retailers are taking notice.” – Rebecca Grant, VentureBeat.

While still in an experimental phase, Wal-Mart’s plans to integrate collaborative consumption services into its supply chain is something we will start to see more of as larger corporations and big box retailers look to understand how to stay relevant and innovate in a shifting economy.

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