The rise of the ‘peer-to-business-to-peer’ marketplace

The concept of the peer-to-peer marketplace is well known since the rise of the internet and has become an important feature in any definition on...

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Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Manuel Cayre from Mobypark

Mobypark allows parking owners to share their parking spot and contribute to a better living in cities. In this interview, co-founder Manuel Cayre talks about... Read more...

18 August 2015


Harmen van Sprang

by Harmen van Sprang Global Curator Team, The Netherlands

Lego Serious Play & Collaborative Economy

Sharecollab´s focus  is to promote shareable cities in Colombia,  and one of the business strategies is  to spread  collaborative economy knowledge through meetups and Ouishare events every month. Our... Read more...

French Food Marketplace ‘La Ruche Qui Dit’ in $9 million Series B Funding Round

French startup La Ruche qui dit oui (also known as The Food Assembly in the U.K.) – which enables consumers to buy directly from their... Read more...

The Sharing Bros Journey Round-up

Traveling 21,000 kilometers across Latin America over 7 months using only collaborative economy start-ups makes for an interesting journey. The Sharing Bros reflect on 7 months... Read more...

15 June 2015


Mia de Villa

by Mia de Villa Collaborative Consumption Team

Collaborative Pioneer Interview with Bram and Brian from 3D Hubs

3D Hubs is the world’s largest and fastest growing network of 3D printers. In this interview, founders Bram de Zwart and Brian Garret talk about... Read more...

12 June 2015


Harmen van Sprang

by Harmen van Sprang Global Curator Team, The Netherlands

Lusídeias- turning sharable ideas in to viable businesses

Lusídeias – A Portuguese company is turning sharable ideas in to viable businesses through Crowdsourcing Compta is one of the oldest IT Portuguese companies in... Read more...

9 June 2015


Raquel Felix

by Raquel Felix Global Curator Team, Portugal

Ouishare Drink Junio 4 carpooling.jpg.001

Carpooling as a collaborative alternative for sustainable mobility

Ouishare Colombia, a think-do-tank aiming to empower citizens, public institutions and companies to boost Collaborative Economy will be hosting the Bogota OuiShare Drinks. This event will... Read more...

Collage Sharecollab

Sharing Economy: Moving forward in Colombia

Gustavo Palacios our Global Curator for Colombia, has been working very hard to build the sharing economy community in Colombia. He created Sharecollab as the... Read more...

Pioneer Interview with Serenity Hill and Kirsten Larsen of the Open Food Network

Serenity Hill and Kirsten Larsen are co-founders of the Open Food Network, a free, open source, scalable e-commerce marketplace and logistics platform that enables communities and... Read more...